Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally a prison guard gets caught on tape, raping a female inmate

All over the country we hear of prison guards that are raping women while they are incarcerated and no one wants to believe them, even when some have become pregnant while being an inmate. Finally right here in Delaware, we have one that has been caught


46 year old Prison Guard Roger L. Thompkins . Used his authority over a female inmate by threatening to have her returned to Baylor Correctional Institution if she did not have sexual intercourse with him. The victim was at Women’s Work Release and Treatment Center on April 11, 2009 when this Prison guard told her that if she did not have sexual intercourse with him that he was going to use his influence to have her placed back in the correction institution. The female inmate followed Roger Thompkin into the laundry room at Women's Work Release and Treatment Center, where on security video the act was recorded.

Today the Prison Guard could become the Prison inmate himself he is now charged with 2ND degree rape, official misconduct and other related charges. He has been released on a secured bail of $34,000. How many cases have gone unreported or no action taken because they were inmates? Does being an inmate give the right for anyone male or female to be raped? Now are we going to see more cases of these allegations that are made by inmates taken seriously or will they continue to be ignored as they have always been?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Da'Niyah Marie Jackson

Clinton SmithThis precious life, Da’Niyah Marie Jackson, was taken as a result of having been sexually assaulted allegedly by the mother’s live-in boyfriend, Clinton Smith. The crime took place in Pennsylvania and Smith has been arrested and is currently behind bars.

Mothers – isn’t it past time that we as caretakers and guardians stop leaving our children, particularly young daughters, alone with live in (or out) boyfriends? How many more young children will have to suffer before we begin to start making different choices when it comes to our children’s care taking?

R.I.P. little Da’Niyah

Read Troy Hill Infants Death Ruled a Homicide

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A BLOG FROM THE BLACK HOUSE Man impregnates girlfriend’s 10 year old daughter

Here we go again. Mothers and women, what does it take for us to get the point about being very particular about who we allow around our children?

Michael Chaffer

Michael Chaffer

DNA evidence proved Michael Chaffer, 40, was the father of his girlfriend’s pre-teen daughter. Many are speechless after reading the account in the Cincinnati Enquirer. What a shame and tragedy for the newborn and the young girl. Should child rapists/molesters be put to death? Is there a solution to this societal illness? How much of the problem is due to the cycle of abuse, i.e., how many children who were abused as children grow up to become these adult pedophiles and rapists?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

11 year old girl's rapist recieves street justice

Philadelphia Police

Jose Carrasquillo was in critical condition after neighbors of an 11-year old rape victim found him and beat him.

Normally I would not agree with anyone being beaten in the streets, but when you rape a little girl who is just a baby then he Jose Carrasquillo got what he deserved and I am sure that once he is incarcerated then he will have to deal with the prison system justice of raping a child.

One of the people Linda Steeves, who watched the mob give justice to Jose Carrasquillo, she made the statement that "He wants to rape babies? Kill Him" The crowd was applauding as they watched the mob give this 24 year old man street justice.

Police arrived thinking that it was a street fight and took Jose Carrasquillo into custody and to Temple Hospital in Philadelphia where he was listed in critical condition, his condition has now been down-graded to staple. But the little girl had to undergo several operations and told her parents that she was glad to know that he was caught, because he had told her that after he had finished with her that he was going to rape other little girls also. I was going to go into detail regarding this young girl's ordeal but I cannot, here is the links please look at them and give your point of view.