Friday, April 24, 2009

The injustice of tasers

There is so much information that is available regarding tasering while black, that has been called upon among the Black American bloggers. When I was researching this I was horrified as many of you are after reading the different blogs regarding this. I read about the children that were tasered and died and my heart went out to the parents and the family and friends. No parent expects to ever have to bury their child as parents we always think that we will be the ones that our children will bury us. We read the age of the children on the tombstones it shows when they where born and the day that they died. What it does not show, nor does the news really tell is what these kids dreams were, what were the things that made their parents pull their hair out and what the things were that just made them so proud of them. We don't hear about the first steps or their first words and where they were when they said them. We read these stories and hear on the news that people die, black people are dying, but we don't have it made personal to us. We shake our heads and go on our way and think that is a shame and this has to stop and that is it, until we hear the next story and it continues, and they all have stories that are untold. I am sure that none of us could ever imagine our children being murdered and yes I say murdered by the ones that are called to serve and protect us, but it has become the new lynching in America, not that the old lynching has been fully buried and laid to rest because it has also been resurrected from the dead. There is a man that with loving arms around his newborn daughter is preparing to bring her home healthy from the hospital to be tasered by hospital police and now his daughter is left with a brain injury. Do you think that this was the plans that these parents had for their daughter when they first laid eyes on her? In all of the media that is played regarding the injustices and murder of black folks, does anyone stop to think that these are people with families and hopes and dreams of tasks that are not finished. Homework assignments and chores to do and friends to call and dances to dance to and songs to sing. We are told that we now live in a post-racial society and that we should put behind us slavery and the jim crow era, but tell me how can we when we are constantly reminded of it by events that we see and hear about around this United States of America. Eric Holden stated that we are a nation of cowards. Some people became enraged regarding those remarks. If we cannot discuss race and if we are to put blinders on our eyes when it comes to color, then we will always remain a nation of cowards. If our government can only address abolishing torturing of people overseas and neglect to see and address the torturing and inhumane torturing of Black Americans here, we will not only be a nation of cowards but also a nation of fools. If we can continue a war to free other countries that are oppressed but cannot address and free the race that has been oppressed since it has come to this country are we not a nation of fools. As long as we have some police officers who are murders, not to protect but to feed off of their own lust for black blood are we not a nation of fools? It is time, actually it is long overdue from the first incident to take the tasers off the streets out of these murdering police officers hands and the police officers hands that are not murders and that do not abuse this device and to bury these tasers and for them to never be allowed to surface again. If we are to be the United States of America, isn't it about time that we work on becoming United and talking about the issues that are a concern to all of the American People. For the Black American community it is the murdering of our people young and old, from every class in life. I ask of everyone to contact Eric Holden's office and demand that tasers be banned and destroyed. That the police officers have mandatory mental elevations and that they are made more frequent then they are done now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop the Tasering of Black Folks in America

According to the UN's Committee against Torture it has been declared that Tasers are a form of torture. American Amnesty international has a growing concern regarding the use of tasers. While the Obama Administration is talking about the Bush torture memos and torture in the America, it is time to shed light on the torture of black America by use of tasers by police officers and the number of murders that resulted by these police officers with these tasers in what they call justice. 16 year old Mitchell weighed only 110 pounds and there was several officers present that are trained in defensive tactics. The police who ran Mitchell down and tasered and murdered him was placed on a two-day administrative leave and is now back at work. A murder is now lose on the streets of Michigan with a badge and a taser gun to do it again. this is a video showing a man being tasered by police officers three times. Kenneth Oliver, tasered to death, while undergoing a mental health crisis. Perhaps more police officers should try this experiment to see exactly how it feels and our elected officials to see the dangers of tasering and that this should be banned. Here is another case that should make our Police Forces and Homeland Security so proud. A man who is holding his newborn daughter and is on his way to leave the hospital is tasered by hospital police. This newborn baby girl now suffers from a head trauma because she was dropped on the floor when her father was tasered, and was not a threat to anyone. A blind 49 year old Denise Harris was tasered and she was blind and a diabetic with cancer. President Obama says that we are not to use torture oveseas, it is time that we stop using torture on the Black American people here in America. It is time to stop this new form of lynching on Black America and the use of legal murders that are done by a lot of our Police officers that are surpose to be called upon to protect and serve, not to murder black Americans in the streets of the United Stated. Thank God that not all of our police officers are like this, but the ones that are across these United Stated is killing our people from the Oldest to the youngest. We must bring attention to this and have the Obama administration ban this weapon that is used against us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hat Tip and Shout Out to the Villager at the blog Electronic Village for his recent blog post. Check out how the afrospear is blogging about the issue of the tasing, beating and electrocution of Black folks in America. He writes about A Day of Blogging for Justice: Standing Up Against the Police Pre-Trial Electrocution

The AfroSpear is calling on all bloggers to join us in a Day of Blogging for Justice: Standing Up Against the Police Pre-Trial Electrocution on Friday, April 24, 2009.

The rules are simple:

  1. Share a post on your blog focused on your concerns about the tasering of Blacks folks.
  2. Send an email to so that we may document everyone's participation.
He gives examples of what bloggers have been reporting on the police pre-trial electrocution: I like the villager, and so many other bloggers hope that you will participate. Please read villager's complete post on A Day of Blogging for Justice: Standing Up Against the Police Pre-Trial Electrocution Related Blog Posts
Fort Worth Police Tasered a Mentally Ill Black Man To Death

Friday, April 17, 2009

Outlawing Baggy Pants

Can the style of clothing now send young men to jail? According to one of the newer additions to the criminalized-for-no-good-reason list: baggy pants. I don't like the way how young men or older men wear their clothing hanging off of their behinds but to give these young men a fine and jail sentences for their clothing is an outrage.

In a proposed bill in Kentucky you will be fined for a thousand dollars for wearing pants below the waist. In Missouri, the parents could spend 90 days in jail. This is an expression as all generations went through of their own style. I don't like their style as I am sure that my elders were not to happy with the styles of the 60's and 70's with the mini-skirts and tube tops and hot pants. But it did not merit a criminal charge against any of us who went through this expression of one's self. Are we going to arrest the blue collar worker if we are able to see the crack of their behinds while they are working? If you have a plumber at you home and are able to his behind, is this a cause for alarm to call the police and have him arrested for breaking the law. Of course not. When the young and old females are walking down the street and you can see the cleavage from their breast and the low-rider jeans and thongs is this going to cause them to be arrested? Anything that shows any part of the body that is deemed unapproved for public vision is this going to be a cause for alarm and people are going to be fined and imprisoned for this? What about the beach, are we going to go back to the days where you were covered so that your body was not exposed at all. Is this a law that is meant for everyone, or only for a certain group of young men and boys, or is it for our minority and poor youth, who use this style as their expression? Does this now give a reason for minorities to be harassed by law enforcement, for no cause, except for the clothing on their body. Is this another way that the budget is going to be fixed, the government on a state and local level will fix their budgets by fining people who cannot afford to be fined and put into prison for not paying their fines are have to many offenses against them for their clothing and now have a criminal record for breaking a foolish law? What is next are we going to wear uniforms in the streets to show what area we are from, what our stature in life is, what neighborhoods we live in to show if we belong in this area or not. Are we going to be robbed once again of our identify and our style of expression through our hair or make-up. Is this a signal to us to wake up and look at the concentration camps that are being set-up around the United States of things to come? Where is the Black Caucus and Urban League and not to mention the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, why are they not out fighting against this new injustice that is coming out against our people? And this is being done because there is some people that are offended regarding the way someone dresses. How much legal slavery are we going to stand for? Is this going to fix the economy and put the American people back to work, is this going to stop the foreclosures in this country and not to mention is this going to stop the drugs from coming into our communities? Should we not be more concerned about fixing these things, then being concerned over how someone is dressing?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Multi-million dollar drug ring aimed at University of Delaware students


Prosecutors say marijuana was packaged in this Garvey Lane home in Glasgow for sales in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida. Newark police and the DEA bust a multi-million dollar drug ring in Delaware University of Delaware that made a potent form of marijuana that in some cases the marijuana had been treated with fruit flavoring, which the dealers called "Juicy Fruit," Kravetz said to appeal to novice users was aimed at the students. The documents recovered at the home in Glasgow, Delaware showed that they had a revenue of an estimated $10 million in annual sales, prosecutors said. Inside, police found duffel bags full of about 138 pounds of marijuana, packaging materials, money counting machines and $47,000 in cash. The home on Garvey lane in Glasgow had shipments coming from Canada for their marijuana business, that they shipments of 5 to 25 pounds arrived three to five times a week at the Glasgow home. This drug organization controlled this home because the owner owed them for football gambling losses, according to court papers. Not only was the flavored marijuana sold to the students at the university of Delaware students the organization also sent 25 to 30 pounds of marijuana to Tampa, Fla., by boat, every three to eight weeks. It was packaged also for sales in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida, they said. Two suspects who were arrested and charged in Maryland apparently focused their sales on University of Maryland students. Eight people have been arrested and charged in Delaware and most have pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Wilmington, including the operation's kingpin, 28-year-old Andrew Pollner. The case had been under seal until Tuesday. It is believed that the organization has been in business since the year 2000 and has used several stashed houses to run their operation out of. This should be the outrage from all of Delaware and the surrounding states, how was this allowed to occur for 9 years and undetected. What are we going to do about it? We look at the sentences that are given for drugs and we have an out cry that they are to stiff, but we also have to look at the lives that are destroyed by these drugs and what they are doing to our children. Our outrage should also be directed as to how we continue to have these illegal drugs coming into our borders into our states and into our neighborhoods. When did Canada become a concern where we have to secure our borders now against drugs. Isn't it ironic at a time when the legal use of marijuana is brought to the forefront again. We have now discovered there is a whole new way of bring this into our children by adding fruit flavoring. It is a sad thing to say but isn't that what they do to children's medication that is approved by the FDA for children's medication? What is sadder is that now it has been brought to the streets of several states. What has happened to the small quiet state of Delaware where we never really had any crime, we would see the crime rates rise in the surrounding tri-state areas, but there was a time when Delaware's crime rate was low. Not only has it risen, it is not only in the cities of Wilmington, it has reached the suburbs and the rate for gun and drug crimes is climbing. If this is what it takes for Delaware to truly be seen as a state, this mother prefers for it to still remain "Delawhere".