Friday, February 27, 2009


Nigel Haskett, a 22 year old, worker at McDonald's seen a tragic event taking place at McDonalds, a man was beating on a woman in the Family fast food restaurant. Nigel Haskett, did the wise and responsible thing and interceded and stopped Perry Kennon. Who went outside and retrieved a gun from his car and shot Haskett, multiple times causing injuries. Haskett's medical bills exceed $300,000.
Kennon was arrested a few days after the shooting and charged with first-degree battery.
We have a hero in Nigel Haskett, who makes minimum wage, but felt the needed to protect a woman who was being battered at McDonald's family fast food restaurant.
You would think that McDonalds, would be grateful to this young man that put his own life on the line and intervene in this domestic violence that was going on right in their family restaurant.
No, McDonalds with it's golden arch, refused to pay his Workers Compensation Commission. Are you becoming horrified as I am. McDonalds stated that what 22 year old Nigel Haskett's injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment and that he should of just called 911.
My concern is that the female that was being assaulted in the family fast food restaurant where children are present and witnessing this act, how much of the assault should she had taken before police were able to be at McDonalds to intervene in this situation.
By denying Nigel Haskett's worker's compensation, McDonalds as demonstrated that they are not concerned about their patrons. Shame on you McDonalds for showing yourself as a family place and making Happy Meals for kids, but then failing to provide any care when a crime happens in your family restaurant where these children are eating Happy Meals.
McDonalds theme song, I'm loving it, has become my theme song also. McDonald's I'm loving eating at Burger king, Wendy's and other fast food restaurants. I'm loving boycotting all sponsors and distributors of McDonald's. I am loving my children and grandchild and family and friends not patronizing your family fast food restaurant. I am loving that you who has the Ronald McDonald house for families to stay close to the hospital, is denying this young man Nigel Haskett worker's compensation and that he should of just called 911. IN CONCLUSION, MCDONALDS, I AM LOVING BOYCOTTING YOU UNTIL YOU COMPENSATE 22 YEAR OLD, HERO NIGEL HASKETT FOR HIS HEROIC DEED, AND I ENCOURAGE ALL TO FOLLOW SUIT
I am grateful that Nigel Haskett, had the guts to stand up and intervene.
Watch footage of the assault here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Slap in the Face' to Blacks? Who slapping us this time?

The highest-ranking black congressman says opposition to the federal stimulus package by southern governors is "a slap in the face of African-Americans."

Blogger, African American Political Pundit says: Your kidding right? Are southern governors in 2009 really slapping black folks in the face? This is 2009 right, not the 1950's.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C. is shown in this August file photo at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Clyburn, the highest-ranking black congressman, said that opposition to the federal stimulus package by southern GOP governors is 'a slap in the face of African-Americans.' (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina said Thursday he was insulted when the GOP governors of several states said they might not accept some of the money from the $787 billion stimulus package. Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday he would accept the money.

Image: Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Rick Perry of Texas, center, is one a number of Republican governors who are considering turning down some of the stimulus package money.

Clyburn said he was trying to protect black Americans when he added a provision to the stimulus package that would let state lawmakers override governors who oppose it. More HERE

As reported by the NY Times, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, said that he would reject the money for expanding unemployment insurance.

“There is some we will not take in Mississippi,” Governor Barbour told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “We want more jobs. You don’t get more jobs by putting an extra tax on creating jobs.”

In an interview on Saturday, Mr. Barbour criticized the stimulus law, saying: “It’s filled with social policy and costs too much. You could create just as many jobs for about half as much money.”

Meanwhile, as reported by MSNBC the U.S. Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., the No. 3 House Democrat, said the governors — some of whom are said to be eyeing White House bids in 2012 — are putting their own interests first. "No community or constituent should be denied recovery assistance due to their governor's political ideology or political aspirations," Clyburn said Wednesday.

In fact, governors who reject some of the stimulus aid may find themselves overridden by their own legislatures because of language Clyburn included in the bill that allows lawmakers to accept the federal money even if their governors object. More HERE

AAPP: So, what do you think? Are southern governors slapping black folks in the face? Is this a color or racial issue? Are the southern governors color aroused? Did the highest-ranking black congressman go to far when he said opposition to the federal stimulus package by southern governors is a slap in the face of African-Americans ? Well, there is a history of southern governors doing bad things to black folks.

Well, at least the Delaware Governor is not part of this color aroused noise.

African American Political Pundit is a regular contributor to this blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the past year or more, i kept hearing change. When I voted, I voted for change. Change is exactly what I got and the rest of America has gotten. America has it's first admitted African American President, President Barack Obama. Which for most people it is a wonderful thing. For the people that are against our president being an African American it is a terrible time. It is also a time when they not only feel angier at this time but feel free to exerise practices against all African Americans and to place their dislike for our President in a very popular newspaper that is read across America, the New York Post. With a cartoon caption of a monkey being shot by police officers and that he will not be writing the next stimilus package. We have police officers across these United States that are killing black men at an alarming rate. The prisions are so over crowded that they are even cutting down on the food that is served to the inmates. The prison guards are beating the inmates because they complained about the treatment that they had to endure doing the night of the inuagration of President Barack Obama. We still have not gotten to a place where black american children's lives is held in a high regard. When african american children are missing there is no Amber Alert, only a local alert. In african american communties some of these schools do not have text books.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Do you know what time it is?
I have been pondering that question for a while now. We are living in an era where children are picking up guns, instead of using their fist. No, I am not saying that kids should be out fighting, but if they have to fight, they use their fist. What has happened to children that they no longer can bear embarrassment. What happen to you lose a fight but you were still alive. How did we go from an era where we as kids were taught not to run with scissors and hold knives face down and walk with them so that we would not get our eyes knocked out? How did we come to an era where we as the children that were taught not to run with scissors, become the parents that now fear our children having guns or being shot by guns.
The communities that we live in, or not the communities of our youth, when everyone was running in the house when the street lights came on. It seems now kids run out when the street lights come on.
It is time for parents to see what time it is and become parents. What happened to the time when parents were really parents? What happen to the times when we were taught that you did not shame your family or yourself? What happened that the value system that was taught to us that we failed to pass it on to our children? What happened to the mistakes that we all made in our youth that we strive to really make sure that our children do not make those same mistakes.
My heart is truly carrying a heavy burden for the youth of today and for the families of these youth. As I look at my own children and grandchild, I become concern after I talk to them or they leave out, how safe are they. How safe is any of our children today? We now have today so many outside forces that are out to drag our children into a corrupt world. What is sadder is that some children are safer outside of the home instead of being in the home. We have parents that are not parents anymore, they have now become more concerned with all of the material things that they can obtain instead of the greatest gift that they have and that is the gift of life that has been entrusted to them by God. Some children do not have to look at the television set to see drugs being used and sold, they can see it right in their own homes.
When it comes to losing a generation, it is time for us parents and grandparents to say I KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. IT IS TIME FOR ME TO GO AND REACH OUT AND GRAB HOLD OF THE KIDS AND GUIDE THEM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. IT IS TIME TO GO BACK TO OUR FORMER DAYS WHEN WE WERE THE YOUTH AND REMEMBER THE THINGS THAT WE WERE TAUGHT. And we are not to stop there, we are to pass them along to our children. We have to go back to our foundations. We must bring back family unity, so that it can go out to our communities and into the schools. We have to take the government out of the rearing our children and take the responsibility of raising them ourselves. In the areas where we fall short we need to go to the older ones and gleam the wisdom from them to help us along.
We are now at a time when our children have computers and cell phones, and we don't know what they are doing or saying on them. They go into their rooms and shut the doors and with all of the material things that are designed for our convenience is our destruction and the destruction of our children. We appease ourselves by these modern conveniences and I am also guilty of these things also. We tell ourselves that kids need these cell phones so that if they are in danger they can get in contact with us at all times. They need the computers to look up information for school assignments. These are all good reasons for them to have them. But for everything that can be used for positive there is always the negative side of everything. Children have cell phones so now they get their calls on their cell phones and no longer on the house phone, so we do not always know who they are talking to and what they are talking about. The computer a useful instrument that is used to educate them, but the education that they are getting from it is not always the education that we want. Some of the things that they find on the computers would educate us in things that we could never imagine.
Of course from our children we hear the same words that we echoed to our parents, or thought and did not say for fear of being back handed for being disrespectful by back talking. I still have to ask the question does ANY ONE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?
I feel that as parents and grandparents, we have to go back to our roots, the roots that we were raised on to bring our children into the right state of mind, I believe that in doing so, we would also be saving ourselves.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

14 yr.old. Shugniqua Nance was missing in Wilmington, Delaware. With only a city and county alert.

Shugniqua Nance, has been found on Wednesday. Which is good news. My question is why was there only alert in the city of Wilmington, Delaware and not only threw the state of Delaware, but was why was there not an national Amber alert for this 14 year old child.

Why is the state of Delaware and the other states across the United States so slow and quiet when it comes to bring things to light when it happens to black children . I am grateful, that Shugniqua was found in good health, and I hope that all of the minority Shugniquas across America as well as any missing child is found in good health. I would just like for all children when they are missing to be brought to the full light in America.

Is it neccessary for it to be partialism when it comes to missing children? Isn't it odd that to live in the same state as this child, that I had to read about it in the newspaper to find out that she had been missing and found.

It is time for Black America to stand up and take action, in protecting our children. We have to demand that our goverment officials are doing everything that they can to protect our children, if they go missing, we want not just local alerts. WE WANT STATE AND NATIONAL ALERTS.

It is time for our local and state and national officals take note that they are working for we the people and not just some people. But all of the people of the United States and we are tired of our children being overlooked in areas of their wellbeing. I for one am tired of it, and I hope that you are also.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President Obama reached back and brought to the White House Barack Obama

Yesterday and today I was very proud of my President Barack Obama. Mr. President Obama, went back and grabbed a hold of Barack Obama. President Obama, please don't forget your stick, carry it always with you.
Today while President Obama was in Fort Myers, Florida. I saw more of the Barack Obama that inspired me to go and vote for him. There was so much of the caring and love for the community that had inspired me to vote for him. Yesterday and today I saw the compassion and the the strength of Barack Obama that has manifested into President Obama. In the fight for his stimulus's package and going back to the roots of the people that voted him into office , President Obama showed the strength and character that we have seen in him over the campaign into his presidency. I was impressed that he admitted that if he does not do a good job that the people would not be happy with him, and we will be looking at another president. What truly moved me to tears was when a homeless woman Henrietta Hughes, told President Obama, her plight in America that she and her family was homeless and that you can only stay on park benches for so long and finding a place to lay your head at night to sleep and that you need a place with a kitchen to take care of your family. Her story is not like so many other families in these united states that are homeless that are in need of a home, the only difference in her story is that she talked to the top man in the United States, President Barack Obama, who told this lady that after the town hall meeting that he was going to have her meet with his staff. Of course I was not given privy as to what happened from this meeting but i can only imagine that the Barack from Chiago stepped up to offer her some help.
I was proud when President Obama, talked with the college worker who worked for McDonald's and offered him encouragement and not degrade him for his job at a fast food restaurant as to how this stimulus bill would help him.
I was very happy and proud to see that President Obama found Barack Obama and brought him back to join forces with him in the white house. It is nice to hear our President speak instead of the speech writers of Washington.
As I have stated above the housing need is needed with people losing their jobs and the banking crisis that we are now in. I hope that vice president Joe Biden is keeping watch over his home state here in Delaware and reading the papers and seeing that the homeless rate is climbing in Delaware also.
As a mother I know the importance of having a stable home environment to produce healthy children, that can thrive and come into their own abilities and creativity.
I am happy that Education is still on the stimulus package and that President Obama said that this is not only to do a paint job, but that for schools that have not had updated state of the are science labs that they will have them. I hope that this package would also include that the teachers that are teaching these children that are having problems in learning that teachers will be taught that these children need to be taught a different way and not by medicating them.
Again Mr. President, I would like to thank you, that you are showing your character again.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Is anyone listening, is anyone paying attention? Can you hear what is crying out from the land, what is being whispered in the winds, although at times the wind is a silent wind, but the cry is still there. Do you hear the cry of the mothers and the hollering of the fathers, see the lost look of hopelessness in communities across America. We see the results, teddy bears, crosses and flowers. What is happening to your children, they dying and being maimed on the streets and schools across the United States. In the 70's Marvin Gaye, wrote 2 songs that i would like to make reference to; What's going on, and Save the Children. If Marvin Gaye was alive today, I could hear him shouting those songs with tears and with an inner burden deep in his heart as it was in the 70's. My question to you today. Is how many more children and young adults need to die and be maimed, before we as the overseers of these children stand up? If they are our children or a neighbor's child, we are going to have to stand up for the ones that cannot stand for themselves. When are we going to take the responsibility for these children. I think that it is written in plain and clear English even for a child to see, that there is no organizations that are going to save them, that is truly looking out for them, without placing a price tag on what should be a show of love and guidance of our children into a corpate matter that needs debates and checks and balances while more our gun down in the streets and in their homes. The Leaders of this country is not paying attention to the youth except to place them in detention centers, to prepare them for the jails. We have to, we must go back to it takes a village to raise a child, and the village is not in our small community, not with just our race or someone who shares our views, votes how I vote or you vote. We have to look beyond all of that. And take a serious look at the innocence that our children are losing on a daily basis. It is time to look past who is the father of whose child and how many children they have, they work or they don't. All of these are things that are causing us to lose our children in these communities in America. I ask you who is going to stand up for these children? Today, I challenge you to stand up for them. When you walk past a child give them a smile, offer them some encouragement, yes, even the ones standing on the corners and selling drugs. Reach out to the youth, not to stand in judgement of them but to reach out in love to them. Perhaps your words could save that young person's life today, or prevent them from taking a life. Reach out do you see a mother young or old, that is struggling, offer her some help, take out of your need and make her a pot of soup or fix her family a meal. Do you have clothes that are in good condition? Give them to these family, do you have anything else that you can give, give it. If you walk pass someone homeless do you have money in your pocket, give some to that person. Keep in mind that person is a somebody also, it could be one of your love ones. Do you have family members that have children in foster care, Stand up, take responsibility and fight to get them out and raise them, until that family member can get themselves together to raise their own child. Make time for your own children, get involved. Make sure that your children's schools not only know your name they know you by face. Contact your children's teachers on a regular basis, and tell them you want reports on what your children are doing, if they have a problem in an area, lets see what we can do to correct this matter. Take the time to take care of yourself, so that you can be around to take care of your children. Teach them that yes, we are in hard times right now, but we all have to cut corners, cut the t.v. off and allow it for a couple hours doing the week. Spend more time doing family things together, read a book as a family, play games. Do talent contests in your family. Go on walks together, explore within your means the things that nature has given us for free. Yes, it is going to take time from ourselves, but if we show our kids the support that they need and desire, we could be preventing us from having to bury them. Again in the words of Marvin Gaye, save the children. Demand that the children are saved. In papers and cases that are so numerous our children are going through rough times. In Pennsylvania a 13 teenage girl riding her bike on the sidewalk, was handcuffed and beaten. Her crime riding a bike on the sidewalk. She was truly a danger to society to the police officer that felt the need to beat this child. In Chicago, a 10 year old asks his teacher to go to the bathroom, he never returned to that classroom for the rest of the day. Why, he was discovered that evening in the bathroom hung to death. No one not the teacher bother to check where this elementary child had not return to class and I also find it strange that through the course of the day, no one else went to use that bathroom that we are told. In Delaware, there was a 16 month old baby beaten to death by the mother's boyfriend after she left out of the motel room that they were living at. In the high schools and all levels of schools including colleges, we have shootings and kids being killed. We are losing to much young life for it to continue without an outcry from the people of America. We have to demand that the children are saved, and that the mother's are not crying as Marvin Gaye says it is to many mothers crying and to many brothers dying. Listen to Blog Talk Radio, hear what is happening across these United States. Hear what you will not hear on your local news stations and cable news. I recommend the following: Get on your phones, call your senators, governors, mayors and school officials and let them know that they are not working for the good of our children. It is a time for a change to keep our children safe, if a change is not done and we continue to have our children dying then we will vote them out of office and fight for school officals who will stand for our children .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I thought that I voted for Barack Obama

I thought that I voted for Barack Obama, but it seems as if something has happened to the Barack Obama that I voted for and the one that is President Barack Obama.
The Barack Obama that I voted for had confidence in his own abilities. He wrote his own speeches, and gave you speeches as an great Orator with a vision of hope and change. No, not as a Messiah, as people had referred to him being, but as a man of compassion that saw the needs that were needed in the communities across the United States. Barack Obama, was the one that inspired you to know that I will work with you and help to make the changes that are needed to get you to your goals. President Obama, must of left that man and his passions back in Chicago. Barack Obama was a community organizer from the streets of Chicago. President Obama, has now become an elite corporate man, caring for the needs of corporations, instead of the needs of the people that he once stood with in organizing communities. That passionate man he must of also left in Chicago. Barack Obama knew the right people to have in his inner circle and who to leave behind. President Obama seems to not know that character or strength and appears to have allowed others to make those core decisions for him. Has Barack Obama become the vice-president instead of the President of the United States. Has he turned that position and responsibilities over to Vice President Joseph Biden. Do we really know who is running this country is it Barack or Joe? As a state senator Joe Biden, was excellent. As a Delawarean he was a wonderful neighbor one whose neighborhood extended all 3 counties in this state. President Obama has kept a wonderful and beautiful family life, that shines for all to see. This is something that as a black woman and mother, I am proud to see. I would like Barack Obama to show President Barack Obama the family man of America, that shows his love for his extended family as the voters of Barack Obama has shown to him.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. .