Monday, May 24, 2010

Could Aiyana Jones' and 17 year old Jerean Blake's deaths been avoided?

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As I look at the eulogy that was made by Rev. Al Sharpton for 7 year old Aiyana Jones, I can't help but to think of a young life that has been taken. I also think of the 17 year old Jerean Blake that was taken that lead to Aiyana's death, two young people whose lives were taken to soon. Two mother's who are in mourning, 2 graves that should not be, not at the young age and for violent crimes that are committed against us and by us.

Two mother's who are in mourning, 2 graves that should not be, not at the young age and for violent crimes that are committed against us and by us.
Was it necessary for this death to have to be?
In filming a reality show, Aiyana's life was taken, yes, it is so much easier to place the blame on the show and the police officer's, it is also time to look at what is going on in the family, parents and the communities, cities, states the whole USA. What is happening to our black youth? Why are so many dying so young? And when do we as parents, grandparents and other family members play in that role?
Sadly so many terrible things led to the death of both of these young people, police officer's being shot at and killed a week prior this horrific lost of lives. A city that has a high unemployment rate and foreclosures. When we look at ourselves again, we have to look at who do we have in our homes, who do we associate with, and what are we doing with our own lives that is impacting our children? Is there lessons that we all can learn from these two young people's lost of life and with the lessons that we can learn, are we willing to make the changes so that we do not continue to see lost of lives of young people all of the USA? Are we willing to keep people out of our homes that are involved in unlawful activity that will have police busting into our homes? Are we willing to check out what are children are doing and who they are associating with? Are we willing to be parents and not friends to our children?
After we see the news, read the papers hear talk of the lost young lives, we feel sad, we shake our heads and go on. Keep in mind that these children are some one's children, that it could of been our children and we have to do better for our children, because no one else is going to come along and save our kids for us, we have to do it each and everyone one of us has to take responsibility for what we allow in our homes, in our children's lives. Are you willing to stand up for your children or do you want to continue to mourn for the lost of lives of the young people with memorial stands of stuffed animals and flowers? It starts with each one of us to make the changes that we want to see happen.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 year old, Aiyana Jones, was shot and killed by police officers in Detroit, Michigan

As 7 year old, Aiyana Jones was in her home, Detroit, Michigan police officers came into her home, throwing grenades and firing shots at 12:40 a.m. this morning to execute a warrant for someone who was involved in a homicide.
The Detroit, Michigan police officers came into this 7 year old home and used a flash bang, which is used to disorient the people in the home and for them to gain control of the situation. Police state that a 46 year old woman, had contact with a police officer and the officer's gun went off and this precious 7 year old, Aiyana Jones, was at that time struck by the gun fire in her head and neck area. Her grieving father states that his 7 year old baby girl, Aiyana Jones was asleep when police burst in and was throwing flash grenade's and burnt his baby to death and then shot and killed her.
M84 stun grenade,
according to Wikipedia if this was the flash grenade that was used. "
It is intended to be thrown into enclosed spaces to distract and temporarily incapacitate enemy personnel for easier capture, or when risk of collateral damage during urban warfare or hostage rescue operations contravenes the employment of traditionally lethal and destructive fragmenting high explosive ordnance. US Army doctrine calls for the M84 to be deployed "during building and room clearing operations, when the presence of noncombatants is likely or expected and the assault element is attempting to achieve surprise."
The police officers went to the hospital with 7 year old Aiyana Jones where she was pronounced dead. What was the need for the police officers to go to the hospital, did the officer need to make sure that he completed his evil deed and to ensure that the child was dead? Is this not a part of the genocide that has been placed on Black USA corporation people? http://www.livinglegacy,
I try to respect all police officers and the laws of the land. It is not enough for the officers to say that it is under investigation, what is there to investigate? You know who pulled the trigger and this innocent child did not have a gun, nor was it stated that anyone in the home had a weapon. Before a warrant is served at a home, should you not already know the people that are living there? Why is there not provisions put in place in case there is children there?
We have to versions of what has happened in the murder of Aiyana Jones the police who use a device that is used in the military and the grieving father who lost his daughter this morning whose version to you hold to be true?
My heart goes out to this family and for the officer if there really is to be justice may there be a jail cell with his name on it for him. 7-year-old girl killed in Detroit police raid -