Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Has Chicago, become the blue print of what is to become of all black and mixed communities that are deemed unproductive of the United States.

How bad can a country become before it is not a country no more? How long can a country stand when the President cannot stand for the rights of the people that he is suppose to serve, and no I did not make an error when I said he was to serve, the President is to serve all the people and the best interest for the whole country not just the parts of the country that he deems acceptable. Has Chicago, become the 2009 Katrina pushing black folks out of the city, all over again, by pushing black people from their homes and community connections and leaving them to states where they have lost their community and family connections? Has Chicago, become the blue print of what is to become of all black and mixed communities that are deemed unproductive of the United States? Was this a plan that was put into place when President Barrack Obama was running for office. Is this the reason why we were seeing the white conservatives going out and buying guns in mass amounts to come after black folks? Is this the reason why we have seen the town hall meeting degrade the President of the United States in such a disrespectful way? Was Barrack Obama a plant to cover or to be a puppet to be used by the white folks to silence black folks or to force black folks into submission? On September 23, 2009 a suspected white supremacist now faces new federal weapon charges
Suspected white supremacist faces new federal weapons charges

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I ask where are we headed, are we going ahead to progress or our we moving backwards to the Jim Crow era?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a speech on the war in Vietnam. In listening to this great orator, who delivered a timely speech for that time, but also for this day also. Dr. Marin Luther King Jr., spoke also about the poor and the hardships that are going on in that day and also he spoke prophetically to this year in 2009 . At a time when we are fighting for freedoms for other countries, the poor are going unnoticed. The fundings that are used to fund the wars, are taking away from the funds that are desperately needed in the United States.
At a time in this country where we have Town Hall Meetings where guns are brought to them by persons who say that they are protecting their second amendment rights, to bring their guns where the president of these United States stands and gives a speech. Not only are they bringing guns they are carrying signs that oppose our President, not on the basis of his policies that they neglect to remember that these were the policies that were under the Bush administration. While President Barrack Obama, would like to state that this is a post racial society, his character and color is under attack.
How can we forget Joe Wilson's outburst
From Joe Wilson's now's infamous remarks at congress, he has received over a million dollars in donations via the internet. He is also signing postcards with his infamous words on them. So now Little Joe Wilson, is now known threw out the country and more than likely the world.
While all of this is going on, the racial divide is ignored by our First Black President and First Black Attorney General. It is long overdue that President Obama and Attorney General Holden, direct attention to the racial division in this country. A lady who I have to give great respect to Nancy Pelosci addressed this issue and her concerns while President Obama was directing a scolding to an entertainer Kanya West in his actions at the MTV Grammy awards.
Then we have Glen Beck who calls Obama a racist on Fox News, while what most of the world sees is President Obama does not address the problems of the black and the poor.
So what do we do, we are told to vote, we voted, if you like myself voted for Barrack Obama you voted for change and not more of the same. So where do we go from here? Someone tell me. Are we going backwards instead of forwards? Has black folks lost their mind and we are living in a post racial society, with justice for all, that is equal? Or are black folks, right and we see the increase in injustices that are done against us. We see unemployment climbing for us, not that it isn't in other neighborhoods. Have we lost our minds and is it our imagination that guns were being purchased by White America in huge masses and we hear talks of a race riots? Who are these race riots going to be started by, the Black community was not out buying guns in masses amounts, we are not out training our children to use guns. I ask where are we headed, are we going ahead to progress or our we moving backwards to the Jim Crow era?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Camcorders for Black America, carry it like you would a VISA don't leave home without it.

Black people in the United States should never leave home without a camcorder or cell phone that takes recorded images. All across these United States, black people are stopped by police and beaten and then being charged with outlandish charges. It is time for Attorney General Eric Holden, to truly take a close look at what is going on across this country and address it. It is time to take the bad police officers off the streets and charge them with the crimes that they are so quick to dish out to people that are not doing what they say that they are doing such as resist arrest while being handcuffed. What we need also is a committee out of each state and county to look over these cases, that are citizens to judge the injustices that the bad police officers are doing. Why should the bad police officers keep getting off and given a badge to practice such grave injustices to the Black Americans in this country? How much longer is this going to continue, with the beatings, tasers and shootings of innocent black Americans? What is it going to take for the attention that is so desperately needed to these cases to be looked at from a federal level, and justice to be done on a federal level with a crime against the people of these United States?
The above UTUBE INSERT is taken from: Young Garvey's page on the Day of Outrage Horrific incident is captured on video of an innocent man being beaten mercilessly by NYPD officers in uniform. BLOW BY BLOW: Officer Maurice Harrington is caught on video whacking Michael Cephus
Police take advantage of a Drunk Girl that came to a Police Station. For some reason they forgot that there are cameras in the building.
Teen Speaks Out On cop Beating, Malika Calhoun Interview http://www.cbsnews.com/vide... Neighbors react to video on King 5 TV. http://www.king5.com/video/... The missing 20 seconds of the videos ...
With the Town Hall Protestors who are running around with thier guns stating their 2 amendment rights. Black Americans are being beat down and come close to death in the streets of America. It is time for Attorney General Eric Holden to pay attention. It is also time for to protect yourself, carry a camcorder with you, carry it like VISA, don't leave home without it.