Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rep.Lynn Jenkins Wants a Great White Hope.=The Great White Dink .

Now watching video of Rep.Lynn Jenkins and hearing her remarks saying that there is a great white hope in the Republican party . Now if you know the history of "the Great white hope" you know the history about the great white hope, If you don't know let me give you a little lesson .
Jack Johnson was a great African American boxer who couldn't be beaten.Johnson was the fist African American Boxer to hold the world title he was the best fighter in his generation.
Yet In the era Johnson fought in racism and hatered toward blacks was the way of America.
But the great white hope reflects racism and segregation.Whites looked for any white person who could defeat Johnson to prove that whites are better then any negro.
That a brief history lesson.
But listening to her talk reminds me of the whites who always consider blacks as slaves and second class citizens.It reminds me of when blacks were lynched and killed.
So by this woman's comments deep down inside she doesn't want an African American as President man or woman. People say she might have not known what "The Great White Hope" really means and the effect it has on racism today.But I say bull crap I'm sure she know exactly what she was saying remind you Michael Steele is the GOP Leader but some white GOP members want even acknowledge as their leader. Now Rush Limbuagh who promotes racism seems to be the voice of the GOP Hmmm a man that promote Racism and hate against blacks and don't forget Rush even predicted Ted Kennedy's Death in march of this year .And so that tells you what type of people these Repub and Conservatives look up to ,They look up to bigots.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Poor Elderly and Disable vs. Wall Street the color code for security level for Social security is code red.

Wall Street gets bails out vs. the Poor Elderly and disabled gets knocked down during the promise of change during the Obama administration. The bailouts for AIG and the banks and we can't forget the car industries get billions of dollars to go on luxury vacations that includes spas and not to mention a fat bonus check to boot and this is for not not doing a good job, by keeping their companies out of hot water.
We were given the warning that these companies had to have these bailouts, to save America. (to save Wall street) While saving Wall Street, the elderly and disabled received a whooping one time payment of $250.oo for S.S. and an increase in food stamps. Can the poor elderly and disabled expect the yearly cost of living raise in January 2010? No, they can forget about it.
AT the time when people are experiencing foreclosures, increasing unemployment, increase in people who are homeless, President Obama says buy a car.
Isn't is something that increase for Wall Street is billions, and increase for those that are poor is increasing in lack, what a oxymoron. For the people that depend on Social Security to live on they are told that regardless of how much money is paid out to Wall Street to keep them a float for Social Security you can manage to survive and if not there is no help or hope for you. The hands that are open wide for with an overflow of funds for Wallstreet, have become closed tight fist for the Elderly and disabled, except to snatch some of the money that you can't live enough on, to pay the rising cost of everyday necessity bills to pay for health care for yourself. There is a law that was put into place for those on Social Security that payments could never go down, but if you are not Wall Street there is always a loop hole to hurt the ones that need help the most. Wall Street gets bailed out, lifted up and the poor elderly and disabled, are knocked down. The old cliche' continues to prove true. THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER.
Wall Street gets bailed out, and the poor elderly and disabled are told to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, is like trying to put out a house on fire with a strainer. How do you pull yourself up by the bootstraps, if you do not own a pair of boots or better yet, if you do not have the legs to even put boots on? How can you save a burning house with water if what you have to work with has holes in it like a strainer? As you are running to carry water to put the fire out and save what you have, the water is running out before you get to the fire.
While President Barrack Obama said vote for change, for those of us that voted on that promise of change, we have been hit with a ton of bricks to see that the change is for Wall Street and not for those who really needs it, at least not the change to make life a little easier for us. It is just a closed fist that only becomes open to snatch back what you already don't have to spare. WE have been wondering where is the money coming from for the bail outs for Wall Street and we now see it is coming from the poor elderly and disabled, and who knows what other ways we will see that the poor are paying for these benefits for Wall Street.
This is the change that was promised by Obama, who forgot the ones that were sending money from their already strapped for cash, how to make the dollar go further then Wall Street will ever come to know, sent their few much needed few dollars for the hope of change. Which President Obama bragged about these funds from the Social Security checks, for a change that would make life easier.
How easy it has become to stomped down the dreams of our youth and to stomp on the poor elderly and disable that contributed their time and energy for the hope of change. The hand in 2008 that was reaching out to the people that were trying not to drown, has now found their selves having that hand snatched away and given a push to drown.

Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd Amendment rights upheld at Town Hall Meetings

Who is really at stake here in the United States of America? With the
A WELL REGULATED MILITIA BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Where does this draw a line? It is understood the right to bear arms, but when the right to bear arms infringes upon the SAFETY OF OTHERS INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, something is wrong. Not only could this put our President in danger, it also puts the citizens in danger who chose not to come to an town hall meeting to discuss health care or whatever issue or just to bring their families to see the President of the United States. Does this now included any and every other office in this country, local and state meetings? When President Obama said in the Washington Post, that is is alright for these protesters to bear arms at these events, He can say this with the assurance that he has secret service, to protect is life, But what is to happen to the innocent spectators that are there, where is the protection for them especially when tempers are continuing to rise?
A man with an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle joins protesters outside an event in Phoenix where President Obama was discussing health-care reform.
A man with an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle joins protesters outside an event in Phoenix where President Obama was discussing health-care reform. (By Jack Kurtz -- Associated Press)
At this time of high racial uprising in this country against Black Americans due to having a Black man in the White house as president has caused a black lashed against black Americans. President Obama is not affected by the abuse that has been placed on black Americans, during this time. It was bad taste in wording for our President to describe himself as a Mutt, this says that he has no self-worth of himself. and how others look and feel that Black Race is to be treated and addressed also. Maybe President Obama, does not understand that a Mutt is something that has little or no value. It is not a dog that you feed the finest of food, it lays and waits for the scraps of his master's table to be scooped into a bowl to be thrown at him.
If President Obama had to describe himself as a dog, he should of described himself as a Pedigree, A dog that is looked upon with respect and demands the best of treatment with just his presence. Pedigree is usually noticed before his owner even comes forth and brings attention and respect. With this position and self-describing himself as a mutt, who demands not respect and receives no respect, he has now become opened to racist name calling, despite he wishes that we have achieved a post-racial society. Not only, is the President being openly called derogatory statements, it is being carried out in newspapers all over the United States. For the average person that lives in the united States, we are not only reading this but we are experiencing that and worse and on so many different levels. We feel the racial verbal disrespect, physical disrespect to our property and to our bodies from hate groups that are continuing to rise and are coming out to spread their hatred. We experience hatred from the ones that are called upon to protect and serve our Local police officers that carry these hateful practices, that have taken to tasers as their new lynching post, or placing the black community into the slave plantations the prison system.

North Canton Police Dispatcher Anita Malachowski is in hot water for forwarding a Photoshopped image of Air Force One with a tail number that read “N166ER”.

President Obama, when you are blinded by the slanderous and inflaming name calling tactics from the jim crow era and see that they are calling you niggers and other flaming words, by lay citizens and police officers and the military which you are higher in rank, think about what people of color are also getting, that is worse then words. We have went off track and have reverted back in time, we woke one morning no longer being in the 21st century but the 20th century back to the days of the 50's and 60's. We have second class housing, second class food, poor education and a lack of employment for our people. It is time for the nation to understand that the black communities under the leadership of President Barrack Obama is undertaking an horrific blow, and that black life is still under attack. Not only from ourselves, which we must get to our people for them to see and understand that we have to put the guns down against ourselves and protect our families and our communities. Before we see the Klan and other hate groups walking down or streets or going back to the days of the 50's and 60's and burning down our churches. With all of the news that is accessible, the mistreatment of Black Americans continue today on an alarming high rate. It is time for the president of the united States let people know that he has not done anything for the black race or the poor, that just like his pastor of 20 years Rev. Jeremiah Wright he has also turned his back on us, the voters that helped place him in the office that he holds. When given opportunities to discuss with the World Courts about slavery, he ran away from that along with the CBC. Yes, the Senate gave an apology for slavery, that was a weak one. I want action behind the apology. For an apology to be strong for me and for me to see where President Obama is also representing the black community also, he and the senate needs to present the truth in the history books regarding black America. President Obama, stop taking credit for being something that you are not the first black president. John Hanson was the first president and then their were 5 or more others that were also that passed for white, including the one that is idolized by the President of the United States. Show what President Lincoln's true attentions were for slaves it was not to free slaves, but to destroy slaves. Perhaps because he hated the skin that he was in, while looking at his own black mother. Place in the history books and teach our youth and all youth that black people were able to have prospering communities such as was in Tulsa, Ok., and that jealous by the hands of non-blacks, that burned it down. Let it be taught for all to know that this was a town that everything that was needed and wanted was in this community and the black dollar circulated in it 10xs before it went out the community. Use 1921 as a teaching tool in the schools that blacks were not the people that survived off of crumbs of the master's tables but were the envy of Tulsa in 1921. President Obama has to demand the respect that he rightly deserves as a sitting President that is standing high and strong with shoulders erect. He must stop as a sitting President who smiles at the racial uprising that is going on in this country as if it does not exist. He must address the ones that are seeking to continue to oppress the people of the United States and demand a stop to the foolishness that is occurring before we the people of the United States wake up or in sleep find ourselves in a blood bath of a racial blood bath.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Air Force One with the word N166ER on the tail of the plane.

What is going on in black America? In a time of tension, that is rising in our country, what is really going on here. Why is it Groups of teabaggers and other groups that are saying they are protecting their 2nd amendment rights, can come to a Health Care Reform town Hall meetings bearing arms with the president there? When no one could walk into a courtroom with a gun and say it is their constitutional right, where else could you go with a public forum that you would be able to bear arms, and it is almost an non and void issue. But what has become a major concern to me and is ca using me a great deal of stress is that we are seeing things going backwards into the 50's and 60's. Our President and his family is under attack, not by other countries, but by the very people that are in the United States. I myself am tired of seeing, hearing and reading about the threats that are made against our President and his family. Why is it becoming acceptable to have people degrade our President and his family on the basis of the color of his skin? Why is it become acceptable that he can become reduced to negative racial terminology that is not acceptable to any one of African American descent to be called a NIGGER, or pictured as a monkey or ape? To put more hurt to injury, we have the police officers that feel that they can spread their hatred against the president and from my point of view to the whole black race, that in Ohio officers are sending out an email with a picture of Air Force One with the word N166ER on the tail of the plane. Now keep in mind we have people that are going to town hall health reform meeting with the President of the United States who are carrying guns, out in the open.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

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This post is from a new great blogger, one that is really dedicated in not only speaking about the issues that effect people but also in putting words to action.
This is Dale D'

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baltimore Black Man Tasered and Beaten to Death, While Police Shove Drug Down his Throat

In a Case of Hate Crimes Dion Snipes an African American Man was tasered and had drugs shoved down his throat by Baltimore P.D. . Snipes who was a suspect drug dealer taken to the University Of Maryland Medical Center after being placed in a medically induced induced coma.Police say he put the Drugs down his throat but we really know the truth the Baltimore PD murdered this black man by tasering him and shoving the bag of drugs down his throat while beating him to death . Video is at the Bottom In my own point of view, if this does not remind you of modern day lynching and a failure to see what is happening to the black community and wake up and see that we as a people are going to have to support one another. We cannot allow the injustices that were carried out in the sixties to be resurrected in 2009, especially since other races and cultures see that we now have a black man as president that is ignoring the issues that continue to haunt the black community. We have to do come up with solutions and quickly. Nina Simone is singing this song from the 60's and it still applies to us today.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First we have KFC who does not honor coupons, now it is BEST BUY
Retailers seem to be using a new sales approach now, WE WILL OFFER THINGS FOR FREE OR AT AN ALMOST FREE PRICE TO DRAW YOU IN. KFC, did it with their grilled chicken, that we later find is cancer causing ingredients. Now BEST BUY, used almost the same approach. Theirs is a 52' colored t.v. for $9.99 on their web site. The electronics retailer said it will not honor the $9.99 price posted Wednesday morning on its Web site for a 52-inch Samsung flat-screen TV. By early afternoon, the TV was listed at $1,799.99, almost half off the original $3,399.99 price And of course this was an ad misprint according to BEST BUY, people who had purchased the t.v. on line for $9.99 were refunded their money back and to every one's surprise, of course Best Buy does not have a comment nor did they return any phone calls. Should BEST BUY be surprised that their stock has now dropped 24 cents. Should not it and KFC"S and other stores that wished to prey on giving you something for nothing or almost nothing be held accountable for playing on the hopes of the American People. Should they not be forced to honor their word what they have in print. Do we sue them for what they have promised or do we boycott them, so that they not only feel a 24 cent drop in stock but a going out of business sign as well. That would be wonderful if it was not for the already climbing rate of unemployment in the United States.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Delaware is giving to much power to city police officers and taking the rights of Delaware's residents.

If you live in the city of Wilmington, Delaware be prepared, at any time you may be stopped and frisked for no reason under a new recent ruling by the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, according to civil libertarians. Federal prosecutors, Wilmington officials say the ruling is a victory and vindication for aggressive patrol tactics by city police in high-crime areas. With this new ruling giving police officers to much power, and the citizens less rights truly going to be the problem solver for Wilmington or is this going to increase violence and crime out to the counties. Or is this now going to become the standard law for all of Delaware and perhaps to a city and state near you. Is this going to curb crime and the control the guns and shooting of innocent people or is this going to cause a high level or concern for individuals rights? According to Professor Jan Ting at Temple University School of Law School said it should encourage Wilmington as well as the U.S. Attorney's Office to pursue gun prosecutions. A person carrying a gun without the use of a permit, or in the use of committing a crime I would like to see the law being carried out in getting the guns off of the streets of not only Wilmington, but all over all the streets of the United States. But have we really come to the point where we need to have police officers stop anyone of their choice to search them for no reason? Just for walking down the street? Or because maybe the police officer is having a bad day and decides that he wants to take his frustrations out on someone? Then their is always the concern that this could be used as a vehicle to target black men and women to suffer from this law, which can become an instrustment of abusive power. Thank God, we have some reasonable folks that are looking into this and are willing to take this matter to the Supreme Court to fight this. The federal public defender for Delaware, Edson Bostic, said his office will attempt to take it to the U.S. Supreme Court. "We intend to litigate it vigorously," he said, though it will be up to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide if it is worthy of review. With the increase of lawlessness and countless people being victims of gun violence, we still need to keep a level head. We still need to make sure that the people's constitutional rights are still being upheld, with this new law, I don't see it being upheld. I understand that police officers become frustrated when they see someone that is known for carrying drugs and other contrabands on the streets as was the case with arrest of Thomas J. Smith on Jan. 8, 2008. Who at the time of his arrest, Wilmington police officers had no just caused in stopping him and he ran and the things that he had on him a handgun and drugs could not be used in trial. In a ruling by Delaware Chief District Gregory Sleet in 2008, he stated that Wilmington Police acted improperly during the arrest of Thomas J. Smith on Jan. 8, 2008. Wilmington James M. Baker is the 54th Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware. He took office in January, 2001 said he respectfully disagreed with Sleet's ruling and praised the appeals court reversal. "Our police department follows all laws, policies and procedures that protect the constitutional rights of criminal suspects while protecting the rights of citizens to be free of criminal activity." The concern that everyone should have is this, no matter what manner of attaire that you have on, you could be walking in a business suit, you could be wearing jeans that are baggy or worn with a belt and nice shirt or shorts, what makes you a target of police to stop and frisk you? And we also need to look at what if you the person who is being stopped, for breaking no law, but maybe you are having a bad day and you have a look of disgust on your face or you appear to be antsy, maybe you are running to catch a bus to take you home or to work. Or perhaps you are at Rodney Square and happen to see someone that you have not seen in a long time, and you are just talking and the police do not like the expressions on your face, or the way you carry yourself, should this be just caused to stop someone and frisk them, since there is now no guidelines into what you can be stopped and frisked for. Delaware is a very small state with a population of 873.092 has of December of 2008. Crime has increased on alarming increase in Delaware which is small numbers compared to other states, but with a state that is the size of Delaware it is alarming any homicide or people that are hurt or lives scattered in a crime is a horrific experience that not one is acceptable. But we also have to look at and take i nto consideration, if we police are given this right to search people at will for no just caused, how many youths that are not into criminal activity will be used by people that are to be the cover for them or that will just become discouraged that they are striving to make a decent life for themselves and doing the right thing and they become the victim of harrassement by police officers? While we are living in the days where tasers are beoming a daily occurene and people are being killed and suffering from paralysis, having heart attacks with 50,000 volts of electric going threw their bodies we need to have a review of all the citzens of Delaware in to what is the best way to handle to alarming numbers of crime in this state. We need to take a page out of President Barrack Obama's book and hold town meetings on these issues that are becoming a major concern with Delaware, without looking at every citzen as a threat to society that should be searched at the will of the police officers. We need to ensure that all citzens rights are protected under the laws that was granted to the people of Delaware and the rest of the country. Are our we going to have Delaware the state that you don't want to visit because you can be stopped and frisked for no just cause and scare people away from coming to our beautiful historic state? What is your opinion, how do you think we come up with a fair and equal balance in our state for police officers and residents to have respect for each other? Drewry Fennell, executive director of Delaware American Civil Liverties Union, stated that "I think it gives police a tremendous amount of leeway in how they handle an encounter and gives the person they encounter much less leeway in deciding whether they want to engage the police or not. Does the late Michael Jackson's song they really don't care about us, ring true for the residents of Delaware and the rest of the United States?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rise of police officers shooting Black American Men by mistake

Michael Moore, may have posted the YouTube clip The Awful Truth as a joke or to really prove how deadly it can be for Black Americans to do anything in America. Michael Moore has brought to attention the following cases in Being Black in America. These are the cases that CNN did not bring to attention in Black in America.
  1. A black man was killed by police officers who mistaken his remote control for a gun in Detroit.
  2. A Black man was killed by police in Arkansas for holding a hair clip.
  3. In Chicago the police shot a black woman for holding a spatula.
  4. In New York, 4 police officers mistaken a black man with a wallet as a gun and shot and killed him with 41 bullets.
  5. A African American man in Florida was shot and killed because police mistaken his keys as a gun.
  6. A Federal Agent shot and killed an African American man for mistaken his candy bar for a gun.
Michael Moore also demonstrated a cellphone in a black man's hands that it will always look like a gun, but in a white man hand's it looks as exactly what it is a cellphone. Michael Moore shows on this, YouTube clip that African Americans need to have everything a safety color such as orange so that it will not be mistaken for a gun. Is this truly a post racial society? Have we truly overcome the issues of what a person's skin color is? Have we reached Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream. YOU TELL ME. There is cases that are just overwhelming of the injustices that are done to the black community on a daily basis, that does not always make it to mainstream media. If it did make it to mainstream media would it really make a difference? Yes, I agree that the police officers have a very dangerous job, and that they put their lives on the line everyday that they are out in the streets, and that they have families that love and care for them and hopes and dreams that they still are striving to achieve. Yes, their jobs are important. But let us also look at the African American community that is being killed or handicapped due to police violence on them. Do we not also have families that love and care for us and dreams that we are striving to achieve? Is our life, of no importance if not to the police officers to the people that love us that count on us? Has it truly become necessary to paint everything a bright orange that will come out of your pockets to ensure your safety against the police officers in the United States even if you are abiding the law?
Tell me please how post-racial are we in the United States of America. This story was in my local newspaper today.