Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Has the Government declared War on America's children?

What is going on in the United States with the war, that is being used against the children in this country? There is a war against our children with their sexuality and sex used as a weapon. Dr. Bradley in Delaware used his office to sexually molest up to 100 children. There is a war against the children when 100 of them are given life sentences behind bars without the opportunity for parole and trialed as an adult and placed in adult correctional institutions.
Our children are not being properly educated in the public schools, they are just forced to learn to follow orders. With the no child left behind bill We also have an increase in children being placed in alternative schools because of a zero tolerance policy, why have we become a country that expects perfect children? Have we forgotten that we were once children and that we were imperfect ourselves and that we made mistakes? Why do we need to have children that are medicated so that we their spirits become broken and their natural talents are broken out of them? We are also facing in our schools today, children being taught alternative lifestyles in school. Should this not be something that is taught at home with the parents and to use with how parent rear their children? We also have in schools where children are told how to express themselves through their hairstyles and clothing. Who is really bring the drugs and guns in the black and poor neighborhoods? What happened to the parents rights to properly mold our children? Why has government taken over the parents rights to be parents and what do we do to correct it?
Where do we as parents go from here? Do we do nothing or do we allow our children to continue to be indoctrinated with videos, that show violence and sex that gets in their spirits, do we feed them food that is poison to them, that is filled with chemicals and give them water that is unhealthy for them because of the fluoride that is placed in it?
Do we promote school uniforms that takes away from our children having self expression? Do we continue to allow our history to be taught with lies or not taught at all? What do we do as parents, what do we do for our children? Do we take them to the doctors and leave them in the office to allow them to be molested? Do we send them to school and allow them to be placed on medication, do we do nothing or do we stand up and rise and take back our children and properly raise them and feed them what is nutritional and teach them how to grow vegetables and fruit and stop them from eating the food given to them in school? Do we take the time to learn our own history and teach them? Do we take the time and teach them what government and what the constitution really is and how it is suppose to be used or do we just sit back and allow things to just stay the way it is?
Is it now time for parents to do the research for ourselves and teach and raise our own children properly for a long and healthy life?