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Prosecutors still trying to decide if these three white boys will face charges in last month's burning of 9-year-old Joshua Judkins.

How do you accept a child being hurt? How do you accept a child getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his body and then for it to be called a prank that went wrong? Why do you have 3 white teenage boys that can pour alcohol on this 9 year old black boy, and his family and his community have to raise Cain to have the police officers bring charges against these 3 white teenagers. Why are Prosecutors still trying to decide if these three white boys will face charges in last month's burning of 9-year-old Joshua Judkins. These teenagers who they say will playing a prank are the ages of 15, 14, and 13. If we reverse this and it was 3 black teenage boys that have done this to a 9 year old white child. These 3 teenagers would be tried as an adult and facing first degree murder charges. Please tell me at a time when police officers seem to be on a high about tasering and arresting youths, why does Hammond, Indiana have to have an outcry from the community to have justice done for the 9 year old black child?
Joshua Judkins, 9, has second- and third-degree burns on much of his body after he was somehow lit on fire while spending time with three older boys. The incident may be investigated as a hate crime.
Judkins Family
Joshua Judkins, 9, has second- and third-degree burns on much of his body after he was somehow lit on fire while spending time with three older boys. The incident may be investigated as a hate crime.

Judkins Family

Now look at this baby, and imagine if he was your child, what do you see, if this was white on white crime or black on black crime, it would be an outrage. Even if this was a prank going wrong, these teenagers set a child on fire, what about arson charges, and is it up to the public to tell the judicial system what charges to file against these teenagers.

It has been stated that this could be investigated as a hate crime, I feel that this is a hate crime. 9 year old Joshua Judkins, while laying around with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on almost of his body, I am sure is not looking at this as something that friends do to each other in playing. Pouring alchol on his back and setting him on fire, I am sure was not a play time event for him. Maybe the 3 teenagers while trying to see what it was like to lynch a black child while they can watch him suffer in the game. I hope and pray that this is not the new game in Indiana nor the rest of the country, in lets get a small child and set them on fire and see what happens.

I was told that the residents of this community did contact the NAACP and they did not return their call, that is a darn shame, is this not the things that the NAACP should still be working on?

This happened last month, has anyone noticed that the crimes against African American People are rarely shown on the major news net-works. CNN has done their 2nd report on black in America, has anyone seen any of these stories? Has anyone see the one where a deaf black man, is in the Dollar General Bathroom, and the police burst in and tasser him.

I keep asking when is the madness going to stop, why are we going back to the days that

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was fighting for. Why are we seeing injustices rise against us in such high numbers? I wonder all of the years of slavery and of Jim Crow, when is it going to be black America's turn? No, not that we hold slaves, I honestly do not believe that we black folks have it in us to do the horrific things that were done against us against another human being. Also we are not talking about enslaving anyone. We do not want to enslave, we want to know what it is really like to be free, we would like to know that we are not going to be used as medical Guinea pigs for medicines, that we are not going to be thrown in jail or tasered, that if we are in a public rest room, that we are not going to be peppered sprayed and tasered for taking to long to come out the bathroom.

If America really wants to know what we want, we want good schools for our children, we want them to come out of high school prepared for college, we want them to have healthy food. We want and need for Black History to be taught in the schools not just for a month, but for the year, we need our c hilren as well as the rest of the children to know that black america has contribute a lot to this country, along with the things that are neccessity and the things that are made to make life easier for all people. When you take school trips, why not take the children to a black museum also. We have a rich history, that is being stolen for our youth, not only was it stolen from our youth, it was stolen from the parents of the youth as well. We are a culture that is so rich with so many talents, but are talents are wasted on being incarcerated and being tassered or shot why we now have youngsters in wheel chairs. Instead of all of this money being placed on building new prisons, we take that funding and place it into the schools to educate our children properly.

When injustices are done in our communities as it was to

let us now bring forth the mental healing along with the physical healing and bring these young teenagers to justice, so that we can use this bad experience against this child to make justice equal for all people. Let us not allow this young child's suffering and scarring of physical and mental be in vain. IT IS TIME FOR BLACK AMERICA TO WAKE UP AND DEMAND JUSTICE FOR JOSHUA JUDKINS ALL OVER THESE UNITED STATES AND TO BRING THESE 3 WHITE TEENAGE BOYS TO BE MADE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CRIME THAT THEY HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST THIS CHILD.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In my pain and hurt and frustration I cry out against the injustices that are being done to the black community in a daily basis

Tonight I was made aware of another tasering while black in the good old United States of America. This time for a black deaf man taking to long in the bathroom. All of this tasering is getting out of hand. When has it become against the law to stay in the bathroom to long? When is this going to stop, what is it going to take to stop it. President Obama can come out and speak about the police in Cambridge Conn. acting stupidly when it comes to a Harvard professor Gates, being arrested for going into his own home. What is he going to say about this? The real issues in the black community that is hurting us is being swept under the carpet. How long must we endure this new type of lynching that is effecting the community? How long must we watch children being placed into foster care systems while the state is being given federal funding for this instead of trying to work with the families to help them bring their families into the state that they need to be in. How long is the black races issues going to be ignored while we have a Black President and a Black Attorney General? How long are we going to watch and cry while our neighborhoods are being flooded with drugs and crime rate is skyrocketing? How long are we going to be the ones that are the highest unemployed and underemployed? How long are we going to be the ones that are singled out in the criminal justice system with a high rate of black Americans being placed in jails across America. Do I sound angry, well I am. No, I do not know the people that are being tasered but isn't it time for black America to stand up and say no more. Isn't it time that we demand a real change in this country for us, not the change that President Obama made in his campaign speech. Yes, we are in need of health care in the United States, but we are also in need of a sane justice system. Are we in the days of what white America and President Obama like to call a post racial society. No we are far from it. Everyday, you can see on the cable net-works or even your local news where the injustice for the black communities are rising. At a time when we need to address the race issue in America, our president took the opportunity to address one of his Harvard friends issue of being charged with disorderly conduct by being rude to a police officer, which he was. The big question is when is President Obama going to address the bigger issue of the race issues and take the blinders that he is wearing off and see what is really going on in black America. Yes I know that he is not just the President of black America but of all America. but to quote Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Injustice anywhere is a sense to injustice everywhere" We are out fighting a war for people not to be held in oppression at least that is what they have told us since they could not find any weapons of mass destruction. What about fighting this war here in the states, where the oppressor is oppressing black America? What is it going to take for the United States of America, that is not united but divided on social, racial and economic levels to become united? When and what is it going to take for the people in power to say that black folks has had enough and that they have endured enough, actually to much. When does the insult on black folks stop, when is enough, enough? Yes, even the crimes that we put upon ourselves with Black on Black crime, when is enough, enough. Every where people complain about the use of drugs and the guns that are in the black communities, black folks are not going into these other countries and bring the drugs here, so who is bring them into the communities. We do not own any gun manufacturing companies, so how does illegal guns get into the neighborhoods? From the time that Africans were brought to this country, it appears that it has been set up for our destruction. We are like unwanted children, or throw away rubbage, just put us out of sight, by any means necessary, in the prisons or in the graves. When you hear the talk regarding Black folks, how often is it of our contributions to this country? Very seldom, what you hear is what is wrong with Black America. What is wrong is poor schools, low expections for our children, food that is tainted with all of the perservatives and anti-botics and steriods that are being fed into it. When is it all going to stop? When are we as a people, going to have the same opportunities and freedoms that are afforded to every other race except black. Yes, we have some black folks that have made it, into what seems to be an exclusive club, that only few are allowed even a peep into. When are the prisons going to be opened for black folks that committed no crime, or did the same crimes as other races, but have been there longer. When are we going to stop having so many people on death row and the evidence that is presented thrown out? I am tired, I am tired of the tasering that is done to my people and it is always justified in some way that it had to be done. A deaf man in the bathroom using it, and because he had an umberilla with him is just caused. It is not a just caused but a crime that is done to our people to often. The cases of tasering is outlandish, it is criminal and no one is willing to address it and to make the changes to say enough is enough and these laws need to be changed. When a black man can be shot for reaching in his pocket to get a cell phone and again it is justified. When an off-duty police officer can be shot and killed by another police officer it is justified. These are the things that President Obama needs to be addressing, these are the real issues that are on the table. But these are the issues that President Obama has a blind eye to and just says we live now in a post racial era. What is sad that because we do now have a Black president, America has come to that same conclusion. I challenge any non-black American to walk a week into the shoes of the average Black American and then tell me that we are in a post racial era. Tell me then that you will not feel that the tassering needs to be out lawed, and that if you are a male driving in a car with a group of friends breaking no laws, but you are stopped by the police and question, how do you have the same dignity as you see other races have. I know that it is not all police officers and we need the police officers to maintain order, but we also need them to have sensitivity and a better understanding of what it is to be Black in America.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

America's Black Eye

Sojourner Truth stated "The rich rob the poor and the poor rob each other." Today there is so much in the news, crime is climbing, black Americans are being tassered, children are being forced into Foster care and mothers are thrown into jail. At a time when the United States has a Black President and the first black U.S. Attorney General life for Black Americans is worse then it was prior to what it has previously been, in what we are now told is a post-racial society. For the poor, today are viewed as a people to be deprived for their own poverty. The elite and politicians reflect this in their public policies. In 1958 an economist announced that when unemployment rises, wages fall. The business in America push this policy so that as in 1958 the economist explains that when unemployment rises wages fall and businesses can now populate on paying cheaper wages, and it leaves the employee without job security. With the effects of unemployment and lower wages, Wall street panics and stocks tumble. When large amounts of people are unemployed it is considered good for businesses. But how can something that is bad for people be good for business? What has happened to the poor and black in the U.S.A, in a rise of police brutality against black Americans (men,women,and children) The threat has become overwhelming that black Americans are now in the way of a country that their blood and sweat was built upon. And with the massive incarceration of blacks, with the outlandish numbers of children who has been snatched out of the black family home and placed in foster care. Black America and especially poor black Americans are faced with a dilemma who do we look to ? Who is here to help us ? POOR AND BLACK AMERICA, NO ONE! There is no organization to come to save you. There is however many stumbling blocks ahead. So do we take it to the streets and protest and march, like it was done in the days of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how the French and Iranians do ? While we have a black president, who calls himself a mutt, and who sees black American only when it comes to echoing the same type of words to the black community that Bill Cosby did to the NAACP ? Do we run to organizations and leaders of the old, who throw us under the bus ? Or do we as the underprivileged and forgotten network together to up lift ourselves and empower ourselves by pulling our resources together ? Do we step out of our comfort zone and get involve to empower our own community? Do we look back at Tulsa, Ok. before it was destroyed in 1921 and use it as blue print to build communities that is productive for us and by us ? HOW DO WE GET TO THE CHANGE THAT WE WANT FOR US AND FOR OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN'S, CHILDREN ?

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Saturday, July 11, 2009


This was something that was passed on to me, and I wanted to share it with everyone else. As you read it you will notice full credit is given to the author of this article. I found this to be valuable pearls and I can only hope that you will also

You Know Your Empire is Crumbling When....

WARNING: THIS MAY PISS SOME OF YOU OFF. THIS MAY MAKE SOME OF YOU LAUGH by David Michael Green So. You've built yourself an empire, eh? Well, bully for you! What's next, you ask? Well, now you've got to do what everybody does when they have an empire, of course. You've got to worry about it falling apart, mate! But how to tell for sure? Let me see if I can be helpful. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind, thirty-six sure-fire indicators that your empire is falling apart: You know your empire's crumbling when the folks who are gearing up their empire to replace yours start blowing up satellites in space. And then they don't bother to return your phone calls when you ring up to ask why. You know your empire's crumbling when those same folks are cutting deals left, right and center across Asia, Latin America and Africa, while you, your lousy terms, and your arrogant attitude are no longer welcome. You know your empire's crumbling when you're spending your grandchildren's money like a drunken sailor, and letting your soon-to-be rivals finance your little splurge (i.e., letting them own your country). You know your empire's crumbling when it's considered an achievement to pretend that you've halved the rate at which you're adding to the massive mountain of debt you've already accumulated. You know your empire's crumbling when you weaken your currency until it looks as anemic as a Paris runway model, and you're still setting record trade deficits. (Hint: Because you're not making anything anymore.) You know your empire's crumbling when "the little brown ones" (thank you George H.W. Bush - certainly not me - for that lovely expression) in country after country of "your backyard" blow you off and proudly elect anti-imperialist leftist governments. You know your empire's crumbling when you can't topple those governments and replace them with nice puppet regimes - like in the good old days - even if you wanted to. And you badly want to. You know your empire's crumbling when one of their leaders comes to the United Nations and makes fun of your emperor, calling him the devil, and joking about smelling sulphur where he just stood. And though a few folks cringe, everybody laughs. You know your empire's crumbling when just about your entire military land force is tied up in a worse-than-useless war launched on the basis of complete fabrications, that every day is actually making you less - not more - secure from external threat. You know your empire's crumbling when almost half the soldiers in that war are high-paid mercenaries, and you don't dare institute a draft. You know your empire's crumbling when you send soldiers into war with two weeks training and a lack of armor, and then you keep them there for three, four and five rotations. You know your empire's crumbling when a member of the Axis of Evil can test missiles and explode nuclear warheads, and all you can do about it is mumble some pathetic warnings about how they better not do that again or there will be consequences. You know your empire's crumbling when you even think that there is an Axis of Evil. You know your empire's crumbling when a rag-tag military hodge-podge of irregulars has you pinned down in an endless fight you can't win, but also can't lose. You know your empire's crumbling when you're too dumb to even ban Humvee as a first step toward ending your dependency on a foreign-owned crucial resource. You know your empire's crumbling when you trade your prior moral leadership on human rights issues for global disgust at your torture, 'extraordinary rendition' (a.k.a. kidnapping for torture) and the dismantling of nine centuries worth of civil liberties progress. You know your empire's crumbling when you blow off international law that you once helped create, and undermine the institutions of international governance that you once helped build. You know your empire's crumbling when opinion polls confirm that every month you're more and more despised throughout the world. You know your empire's crumbling when you can't even pull off the hanging of a tin-pot murderous former dictator without turning him into a hero. You know your empire's crumbling when you're the richest country in the world, but nearly 50 million of your people don't have basic health care coverage. You know your empire's crumbling when the World Health Organization ranks your health care system 37th 'best' in the world, just above Slovenia, and just below Costa Rica. (And far below Colombia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.) You know your empire's crumbling when instead of making it easier for citizens to obtain a higher education, you're making it harder and more expensive. You know your empire's crumbling when your government gives tax breaks to industries as a reward for exporting your jobs elsewhere. You know your empire's crumbling when the so-called 'opposition' party can't even turn that obscenity into a viable campaign theme and use it to clobber the worst emperor in your history. You know your empire's crumbling when your middle class has been stagnant for three decades, while the wealth of the hyper-rich continues to climb through the roof. You know your empire's crumbling when your reaction to that is to exacerbate the problem by enacting tax policies that massively increase further still the gap between the rich and the rest. You know your empire's crumbling when the predatory class has taken over your government and is stripping the country of everything not bolted down to the floor. And then it sells the floor itself, as well, to your rivals. You know your empire's crumbling when you're spending tens of billions of dollars you don't own on new nuclear warheads and space weapons that don't work, to be used against an enemy you don't have. You know your empire's crumbling when one of your cities drowns and your government does next to nothing before, during and after. You know your empire's crumbling when a massive environmental nightmare is looming around the corner, and your emperor not only ignores it, but claims it isn't real while taking steps to exacerbate it. You know your empire's crumbling when your emperor is warned by a CIA briefer of an imminent terrorist attack of vast proportions, and responds by remaining on vacation and dismissing the briefer with the words: "All right. You've covered your ass, now." You know your empire's crumbling when the same emperor drops everything to fly across the country from his vacation home in order to sign a bill intervening on the wrong side of a personal medical drama involving a single family. You know your empire's crumbling when gays and immigrants are used as diversionary issues to keep people from thinking about the pillaging of their country and their wallets actually taking place. And it works. You know your empire's crumbling when people are getting more religious and less scientific, not the other way around. You know your empire's crumbling when your political leaders start to be chosen by dynastic rules of succession. And you especially know your empire's crumbling when the most idiotic child of one of the least accomplished leaders in its history is not only crowned as the next emperor, but is even revered for a time by most of the public as a great one. Rome? Britain? Spain? At this rate we'll be lucky to end up like Belgium. Less.. "Every activity that asserts individuality and autonomy from corporate/government/religious control is in itself a profoundly revolutionary act."

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Assault on Black Women - Tasered While Black After her toddler Murdered

What We Think About Taser Abuse The Blog Tasered While Black has been following the Tasering of Black folks in America and Canada for some time. This blog and bloggers like Villager at Electronic Village, and Francis Holland at Electrocuted While Black have been been tracking the tasing of black folks for some time as well.
But the tasering of a black teen-aged mother, after she learned her toddler son and a 6-year-old boy were killed inside an apartment at 945 East Monterey Court in Terrytown early this year goes beyond abuse of auhority and power. This particular post about the Tasering of a black Woman after she discovered her child was murdered is particularly disgusting. Yes a black mother of a 6-year-old boy killed in a triple murder in Terrytown, LA who was subdued with a Taser gun by Jefferson Parish deputies at the murder scene is just another in the continuerd attack on black women in America. One has to wonder if this would happen in a middle class community and the women was of another color?
Robert Claiborne, Jr,
Get this, as reported by ther newspaper NOLA, back in April 2009, The mother of Four Overstreet grew irate with authorities when she arrived at the Monterey Court apartment where the rampage happened before 4 a.m. Saturday. When she got physical, deputies stunned her to bring the situation under control, Col. John Fortunato said.

There is more:

Meanwhile, the Sheriff's Office released the names of two other people killed in the brazen shooting, a teenage mother and her toddler son. An 11-year-old girl who was critically wounded hasn't yet been identified.

The dead mother was 19-year-old Domonique Sterling, Fortunato said. Her 23-month-old son was named Robert Claiborne Jr.

Sterling is said to have been babysitting Four Overstreet and the girl who survived the attack.

The incident happened around 3:43 a.m. in the 900 block of East Monterey Court, Fortunato said.

Authorities believe two unidentified men entered an apartment in the area and "executed" Sterling and baby Robert, he said. Wielding handguns, the men also shot young Four and the 11-year old girl in the home.

Four died at the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head.

Robert was also shot in the head. Sterling was shot in the back, and the 11-year-old suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body, Fortunato said.

Fortunato said witnesses told authorities that two men dressed in dark clothing kicked in the door and began firing. The teenager was found lying on the floor in the living room, while the two deceased children were found in a rear bedroom. Authorities also located crack cocaine and marijuana in the apartment.

One of the suspects, said to be in his 20s, wore a red bandana over his face, a black baseball cap and a dark hooded sweatshirt. MORE HERE

It's time to have Congressional Taser Hearings into Taser Torture in America. Sign the petition HERE.

Place a Congressional Taser Hearings Widget on your blog.

African American Political Pundit is a regular contributor to this blog. He is also publisher of the blog Tasered While Black.

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Is the 4th of July really for Black and Poor Americans?

Happy Independence Day!
I ponder how can Black America and the poor really say that we have the freedom that has been granted to this country of the good old USA? No, I have no desire to live any where else. How can we rejoice, when we know that there is people that are living in the streets, when we see people losing their jobs on a massive scale? How can we rejoice, when we know that people are going to bed hungry, if they have a bed. How can we rejoice, when we see and read how blacks are being tassered and sometimes to death? How can we rejoice when we see the rise of black on black crime in our communities? How can we rise when we see black youth dying in the streets of America? How can we rejoice, when black America, has still not received even one brown Lincoln cent, from a President that says that Lincoln is someone that he admires, but we see 3 trillion dollars go out to Wall Street. How can we rejoice, when the schools are falling apart and children cannot get a loan to go into college. How can we rejoice, when we see all of the threats of wars and look at our sons and daughters and hope that we do not have a draft, where our children will be called to serve in the military even they wish to pursue other interests? How can we rejoice when we are seeing how California is saying they are bankrupt and we are wondering if my state will be next and no help is going to be issued to us for help in our state. How can we rejoice when we see the tent cities that are in California and who knows how many other states? How can we rejoice when we see that so many black and poor children in America are forced into foster care? How can we rejoice when our seniors are having to choose between the medicine that they need to food and rent? How can we rejoice when we still have political prisoners from the 1960's and 1970's in prison? How can we rejoice when we look at the injustices that are still carried out today? If we look at the Scott Sisters and April Griffin and Debbie Peagler and not to mention Eunice Nyakundi. How can we rejoice when even the raising of our children has been taken out of our hands? We are not able to discipline them, and I mean discipline, not beat them senseless, or when we have the say in our children's health if we want them to have certain medications or immunizations. What happened to parents being parents? How can we rejoice when we are not even sure if the food that we eat is safe, because it has so many chemicals in it? How can we rejoice when we see our country our America coming apart at the seams, the things that this country was founded on, has left us years ago and so it is a sad time in America. It is a time when we can see the Handwriting on the Wall as the scriptures say in the book of Daniel. It is a time when we have to pray for our president and those that are in authority over us. I rejoice that we now can say that America has a black President, and I pray that he will do well, because if he does not then the whole country fails and I nor do I believe that anyone in the United States wants that. I again would like to see our President become and do the things that he says that he was going to do when he was running for office of President. I would like to see the humanitarian Barack Obama that cared for the people and let go of this side that shows more love for Wall Street and big business. Remember when he said that the people on main street was who he was fighting for. I want to see him come out and fight for the people on main street. I long to rejoice to see the job market increase again, and people not losing their homes but buying homes. I want to rejoice when we see the needs met and acknowledge in the black communities around the world. I want to rejoice when the black communities and the poor can say that President Obama, made sure that he gave out of the 3 trillion dollars to Wall st. that he also took care of the people on main street.