Friday, September 4, 2009

Camcorders for Black America, carry it like you would a VISA don't leave home without it.

Black people in the United States should never leave home without a camcorder or cell phone that takes recorded images. All across these United States, black people are stopped by police and beaten and then being charged with outlandish charges. It is time for Attorney General Eric Holden, to truly take a close look at what is going on across this country and address it. It is time to take the bad police officers off the streets and charge them with the crimes that they are so quick to dish out to people that are not doing what they say that they are doing such as resist arrest while being handcuffed. What we need also is a committee out of each state and county to look over these cases, that are citizens to judge the injustices that the bad police officers are doing. Why should the bad police officers keep getting off and given a badge to practice such grave injustices to the Black Americans in this country? How much longer is this going to continue, with the beatings, tasers and shootings of innocent black Americans? What is it going to take for the attention that is so desperately needed to these cases to be looked at from a federal level, and justice to be done on a federal level with a crime against the people of these United States?
The above UTUBE INSERT is taken from: Young Garvey's page on the Day of Outrage Horrific incident is captured on video of an innocent man being beaten mercilessly by NYPD officers in uniform. BLOW BY BLOW: Officer Maurice Harrington is caught on video whacking Michael Cephus
Police take advantage of a Drunk Girl that came to a Police Station. For some reason they forgot that there are cameras in the building.
Teen Speaks Out On cop Beating, Malika Calhoun Interview Neighbors react to video on King 5 TV. The missing 20 seconds of the videos ...
With the Town Hall Protestors who are running around with thier guns stating their 2 amendment rights. Black Americans are being beat down and come close to death in the streets of America. It is time for Attorney General Eric Holden to pay attention. It is also time for to protect yourself, carry a camcorder with you, carry it like VISA, don't leave home without it.


ngonea said...

Greetings Antoinette, once again great post, great info and most important idea, to take a camcorder is a very good idea,
You know me, now here goes my two cents, when it comes to Gov, I'm a true cynic, no apoligies offered, it's based on the actions of this corrupt Gov. for a hundred years. Eric Holder is a part of the problem, check out his track record in past adminisrations, he is not a new comer to DC, he's been around.. We have no friends in DC, nor in County, City or State or Corporate Federal Government, they are the problem, Don't get me wrong, I know their are some good people who are now becoming aware and deeply concerned, who are in public office and do not agree with what is happening, but they are in conflict, they depend on their jobs to feed their families.
Again, thanks for this great post, and I will make sure to have my camera ready. Now after we take the pic's and have the proof of abuse, what corrupt policeman, IE "revenue Collector" , attorney, IE, " sworn to serve the court" or Corrupt Judge IE "acting as Banker" is going to serve justice?

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AAPP said...

Great post Antoinette.

I plan to link to this on my blogs, and Tasered While Black. This is a empowering and powerful post.