Monday, November 16, 2009

The war on America's children. Sentenced to life in prison without parole

In the United States of America, we have a pandemic a state of National Emergency that is worse then the Swine Flu or any other epidemic that is going on this country. It is something that people read in papers and shake their heads to and feel bad for a moment or so and go on with their everyday lives. Not that this is anything new, just a new device that is being used to declare a war on black Americans and the poor. For Black America it crosses all social bearers and for every other race it is seemed poor.
We are in a time where our children are placed in jail for life without the hope of parole! Children who has they age they mature are placed under arrest. Where is the gatekeepers for these children?
Isn't it time to go after the true mastermind behind the cause of these children who are brainwashed into the acts that they have done and that maybe done in the future? Where are the laws for the video games and the cartoons that show and that they play where they shoot up people or get shot and then come back to life? The music that is made today is not uplifting to them to strive after a life of a moral standard, it is design to glorify gangster life.
Where is one to look for answers? Is it the parents or is it the school system that has failed or the community? Or do we perhaps just look at that a child whose mind has not reached a level of maturity and does not clearly fully understand the consequences of their actions that every decision that they make good or bad can effect their whole life?
There are approximately 73 United States children who are minorities who has been sentenced to life in prison at the ages of 13 and 14 according to the Equal Justice Initiative.
On November 10, 2009, the United States supreme court is now looking into these cases against children as cruel and unusual punishment.
We can now only hope and pray that the sentences for these children will be reverse and that they will have a time frame for imprisonment that is determine by their maturity and the maturity that they can reach later in life, so that they can know that one day they can walk out of the prisons into freedom.

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