Thursday, June 17, 2010

Did the laws of the land and food cause 13 and 14 year old children to become parents?

In National City, San Diego, California a 14 year old boy stabbed the 13year old mother of his 1 1/2 year old daughter in the neck. The young couple was arguing over some jealousy issues. The mother is said to be recovering well and the baby is now staying with relatives. The father is being hunted for his violent act against his baby's mother. As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune.
I know everyone must be horrified not of the act that the mother was stabbed in her neck, but that she is a parent at the age of 13 of an one and a half year old daughter. Maybe that was the shocker that The Union-Tribune was trying to stress to sell it's newspaper.
I think that everyone should look at the reason why this 13 year old a mother is a mother. What is happening to the youth of today that they are developing as quickly as they are? I am assuming that the 13 year old became a mother at 11 or 12 at the latest depending on when she will turn 14. Is this going to become more of a norm due to the foods that we eat, that we will hear of more stories like this?
Or does the shows that are on television play a vital role to this?
Then we also have to look at the effects of the laws that govern our children and take the parents God-given rights to parent their child turned over to the government like property.
With all the things that are being used against our children and us such as food and the laws of the land, can we expect to see more children becoming parents in their pre-teens?
H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
For further information, watch these videos:
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Anonymous said...

Now, you somewhat know how I feel about this situation; but you also know how I feel . . . You realize that these days
it is more about the "Sign O' The Times". The food is also apart of that, and a lot of us don't see that.

ngonea said...

Greetings and thank you Antoinette for keeping us informed, we sure don't get much discussion of relevant issues like this facing us today on prime time news, if they do mention a relevant issue they usually spin it. Here is a video well worth watching about the events of the Great Depression of 1930's, It is history hidden from us, and very revealing in relation to the topic in your blog. So many are sufferring, is History repeating itself?

The American Holocaust

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment on the teenage behavior and teen pregnacy issues. The food issues apart from the article might have some bearing with the society's behavior what with all the violent acts we read about in the newspaper each day. However, I think the bottom line is that our world today is subject to violence as an alternate way to normal behavior. We are all violent when and if pushed to react in such a manner. Perfect example the Police Officer in Seattle WA puching the pedestrian in the face when she became violent and refused to cooperate.

Food may be the catalyst in growth and premature developement in our youth. Not so much with behavior.


see web links below

Anonymous said...

Our factory food system is a nightmare on many levels. I have read that pesticides in the environment can cause early puberty in girls. I think you are on the right track, but I also think Dick Gregory doesn't have complete command of the facts. The flavr-savr tomato was tried in the 90's, but it was abandoned:;
And was he saying that homosexuality is caused by chemicals in the environment? If that's what he's saying, that's pretty offensive, not to mention completely wrong.