Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feeling Degraded at the airport, Is it worth being degraded for that fare that you pay for?

I have heard and seen the voices of the people of the United States, complaining of the body scanners and what to them feels to be a degrading experience at the airport, where they have spent their hard earned currency to board a plane in the USA. I know at this time when it seems as if we have global terrorist threats all over the world and there are precautions that should be put into place, the right of innocent people should not have to subject themselves to body scanners that could one day lead to cancer to themselves and the God-given children they have. I say subject, because in all things everyone has a choice, you alone decide what you allow to happen to you especially when you put yourself in a situation that can cause you to feel degraded and humiliated. Just like you would not walk down the street with your body exposed then why would anyone put themselves to be subjected to this treatment just to board an airplane? The USA, should still have enough faith in the people that have taken the time to run to the election booths to vote and that are striving to live a decent life that does not involve criminal activity to understand that just as they would not and are not subjected to this treatment that the people do not want this also. Just as a parent would not turn over their God-given children who are entrusted to them by God, into a room with child molesters, why should they have to make the choice of something that can cause them serious harm, with the scanners or stand back and watch their child be fondled all over, isn't that why there are people in jail, for child molestation and offense touching, and is this not considered offense touching? Why not make the better choice and catch the train this holiday season when you travel, Vice President Biden has always been a fan of the trains at least then you will not have placed yourself in the way of people that are called to do a job that violates your body and your personal space. Instead of complaining, stay off of the airplanes and show the government that not everyone is a terrorist, some people just want to go to another place to visit, have a corporate meeting or just relax with their family without going through a horrifying experience and then to know to return back to their destination that another one awaits them. So take a train, or drive and then you can always do the smart thing take a vacation in your state and see the beauty that is a round you that you don't take the time to see. If everyone this holiday season decides not to take a flight on an airplane do you think then that this government will take notice that the people are not happy with this violation that is being done on their person? How many people are willing to take a stand and say enough is enough and I am not going to allow you to do this to me, not being violent, but just showing that this is a service that I pay for and I will just use another mode of transportation.

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ngonea said...

Antoinette, I agree, the problem could be solved in a week, shut them down, also there is an issue of saftey regarding these scanners, health risk are very high.

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