Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop the Tasering of Black Folks in America

According to the UN's Committee against Torture it has been declared that Tasers are a form of torture. American Amnesty international has a growing concern regarding the use of tasers. While the Obama Administration is talking about the Bush torture memos and torture in the America, it is time to shed light on the torture of black America by use of tasers by police officers and the number of murders that resulted by these police officers with these tasers in what they call justice. 16 year old Mitchell weighed only 110 pounds and there was several officers present that are trained in defensive tactics. The police who ran Mitchell down and tasered and murdered him was placed on a two-day administrative leave and is now back at work. A murder is now lose on the streets of Michigan with a badge and a taser gun to do it again. this is a video showing a man being tasered by police officers three times. Kenneth Oliver, tasered to death, while undergoing a mental health crisis. Perhaps more police officers should try this experiment to see exactly how it feels and our elected officials to see the dangers of tasering and that this should be banned. Here is another case that should make our Police Forces and Homeland Security so proud. A man who is holding his newborn daughter and is on his way to leave the hospital is tasered by hospital police. This newborn baby girl now suffers from a head trauma because she was dropped on the floor when her father was tasered, and was not a threat to anyone. A blind 49 year old Denise Harris was tasered and she was blind and a diabetic with cancer. President Obama says that we are not to use torture oveseas, it is time that we stop using torture on the Black American people here in America. It is time to stop this new form of lynching on Black America and the use of legal murders that are done by a lot of our Police officers that are surpose to be called upon to protect and serve, not to murder black Americans in the streets of the United Stated. Thank God that not all of our police officers are like this, but the ones that are across these United Stated is killing our people from the Oldest to the youngest. We must bring attention to this and have the Obama administration ban this weapon that is used against us.

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