Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Multi-million dollar drug ring aimed at University of Delaware students


Prosecutors say marijuana was packaged in this Garvey Lane home in Glasgow for sales in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida. Newark police and the DEA bust a multi-million dollar drug ring in Delaware University of Delaware that made a potent form of marijuana that in some cases the marijuana had been treated with fruit flavoring, which the dealers called "Juicy Fruit," Kravetz said to appeal to novice users was aimed at the students. The documents recovered at the home in Glasgow, Delaware showed that they had a revenue of an estimated $10 million in annual sales, prosecutors said. Inside, police found duffel bags full of about 138 pounds of marijuana, packaging materials, money counting machines and $47,000 in cash. The home on Garvey lane in Glasgow had shipments coming from Canada for their marijuana business, that they shipments of 5 to 25 pounds arrived three to five times a week at the Glasgow home. This drug organization controlled this home because the owner owed them for football gambling losses, according to court papers. Not only was the flavored marijuana sold to the students at the university of Delaware students the organization also sent 25 to 30 pounds of marijuana to Tampa, Fla., by boat, every three to eight weeks. It was packaged also for sales in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida, they said. Two suspects who were arrested and charged in Maryland apparently focused their sales on University of Maryland students. Eight people have been arrested and charged in Delaware and most have pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Wilmington, including the operation's kingpin, 28-year-old Andrew Pollner. The case had been under seal until Tuesday. It is believed that the organization has been in business since the year 2000 and has used several stashed houses to run their operation out of. This should be the outrage from all of Delaware and the surrounding states, how was this allowed to occur for 9 years and undetected. What are we going to do about it? We look at the sentences that are given for drugs and we have an out cry that they are to stiff, but we also have to look at the lives that are destroyed by these drugs and what they are doing to our children. Our outrage should also be directed as to how we continue to have these illegal drugs coming into our borders into our states and into our neighborhoods. When did Canada become a concern where we have to secure our borders now against drugs. Isn't it ironic at a time when the legal use of marijuana is brought to the forefront again. We have now discovered there is a whole new way of bring this into our children by adding fruit flavoring. It is a sad thing to say but isn't that what they do to children's medication that is approved by the FDA for children's medication? What is sadder is that now it has been brought to the streets of several states. What has happened to the small quiet state of Delaware where we never really had any crime, we would see the crime rates rise in the surrounding tri-state areas, but there was a time when Delaware's crime rate was low. Not only has it risen, it is not only in the cities of Wilmington, it has reached the suburbs and the rate for gun and drug crimes is climbing. If this is what it takes for Delaware to truly be seen as a state, this mother prefers for it to still remain "Delawhere".


Anonymous said...

"flavoring" agents are sold at every tobacco store throughout the state of Delaware and the U.S. This was no more than weed, which in my opionon should be legalized. This whole case was over-blown and frankly a waste of law enforcement time and resources. Yes, be worried about heroin, cocaine and most of all the prescription pills in your very own medicine cabinet. Alcohol kills more people and affects more lives in a negative light, but that's okay right? Because our Government says so?!?
Wake up and speak up towards the right causes!

Anonymous said...

I was affected directly in this case just because there is no rules to the game and so it goes I fall because a man cant take on his own problem. You learn and I have but it is a shame that things had to go the way they did. Instead of one man falling he started a trickle affect that took down 8. I have learned from all this and moved on but it still stings when I think back.

Anonymous said...

I was also directly affected by this and so is mr. Pretty shoes droop owner was a friend of mine whatever he might or might have not done is not my business Jeff should have kept his mouth shut but he was a nobody but either way all good things come to an end