Monday, May 11, 2009

Delaware State police officer, charged with sexual extortion and taking bribes.


Cpl. Joshua A. Giddings
While the State of Delaware has plans to cut the amount of local and state police officers , I think of all the reasons why the police departments should not have police officers cut to fix the budget in Delaware, in exchange for the safety of the residents that reside in Delaware. To my surprise a Delaware State Police officer gives a reason why the opposite of my argument is false. For you see this police officer has become on the wrong side of the law, while on duty and placing a 39-year-old New Castle woman under-arrest for stealing at a J.C. Penny's at the Christiana Mall on March 19. Giddings had taken her into custody but agreed to issue her a criminal summons instead of taking her to court if she performed a sexual favor, MacLeish said. Crp. Giddings drove to a secluded location and the woman performed the sexual act and he drove her home. When the sexual act became know to Delaware State police, Crp. Giddings was suspended with pay and his benefits, however during the investigation, police discovered a seminal fluid on an article of clothing belonged to the woman that should of been taken directly to court that matched Giddings DNA.
Cpl. Joshua Giddings,who has been a trooper for seven years. Has now been charged with sexual extortion and receiving a bribe, he has been suspended without pay and benefits and was released on $8,000 unsecured bond. With police officers conducting themselves in an unlawful way then the argument is lost to not cutting the amount of police officers that are in the state of Delaware. When we have police officers that are tasering and conducting themselves in the manner that Cpl. Giddings has demonstrated, where are we the residents of Delaware in regards to safety? What happened to the victim, is the charges against her dropped now for stealing out of J.C. Penny's or is she now charged with bribery and other acts, is she now a victim of circumstances or the legal system, where does she stand now?


AAPP said...

This pollic officer will have his day in court. Let's not judge him until the evidence is supplied in a court of law. At this point it's not looking good though....

sheyla.whittle said...

As AAPP said its not looking good; It is never good when a man in ¨power¨ uses it to prey on women, I liken him to being as no good as a street pimp. Targeting in on criminally active women for his own perverted gain. And shame on the police dept. for letting him off with a slap on the wrist with that disciplinary action. SUSPENED WITH PAY & BENEFITS !! Instead of SUSPENED it should read VACATION on his paperwork! Shame on you police dept.

While I am not judge nor jury, if the verdict is guitly the State of Delaware Police Department has alot more to worry about than budget.

I sincerly hope that woman is telling the truth of the allegations, because it seems as if this is not the first time she has found herself on the wrong side of the lawline. Thus making her a willing target. Along with her judgment should be an order to rid herself of whatever is causing her to steal in the first place, whether drugs or cleptomania, or she will continue to be a victim of herself and her circumstances.

In closing I hope that justice is rightly served and that ALL of people hurt by this are able to heal and move forward productively.