Saturday, May 2, 2009

Delaware's County Executive to cut New Castle county's Police Department at a time when crime is on a high.

In the state of Delaware, the home of vice-President Joseph Biden, County Executor Chris Coons with the knowledge that Delaware has become a state where violence has risen at an alarming rate that is uncommon with Delawareans. Has decided that now we need to reduce the amount of New Castle County Police officers in New Castle County area in Delaware. Layoffs will begin in the New Castle County Police Department, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons announced Friday, saying he was unable to reach an agreement with the police union over salary reductions. Patrol, detectives, support staff or personnel will be announced next week. Coon seeking a 5% pay cut from the county's 1,500 employees to reduce his government's $40 million dollar budget shortfall. Coons had over 900 workers that had agreed to the reduction, that amounts to a savings of $3.1. million dollars. Last week, after Coons had talks with local 3911, the emergency services workers union and nine county paramedics-in-training were laid off. FOP No.5 decided not to participate in the shared sacrifice of the pay cut. Coons said "He was hopeful that they could reach an agreement within a year with both unions who represents our public safety. Joe Lavelle, president of the police union, who said it was a "gross mischaracterization" of the union's position. "We didn't refuse to share the pain," he said. "They refused our proposals." Joe Lavelle, a 5% pay cut would affect police officers negatively more so that other employees because of officer's pensions are calculated using their salary of the last year worked. Police officers are required by Delaware state law to retire at age 55. Coons has proposed $23 million budget for the coming fiscal year that he says reflects a middle-ground mix of spending cuts, a tax increase and salary reductions. The budget contains $23 million in cuts from every department. But those cuts are offset by a $16 million increase in health care and pension expenses. The net result is a budget that would spend $7 million less. Coons who has proposed a 25% tax increase and $10 million taken from the county's cash reserve to balance the fiscal 2010 budget that starts July 1. The Council is to vote on this Budget May 26. I suggest that everyone should be at this council meeting and vote no to it. Victory Church has a timely play that is playing this weekend MURDER WHAT'S NEXT, New Castle County Executive, Chris Coons, has given a pre-view as to what is to increase this state of violence and murder in the fiscal 2010 budget by cutting police officers and ems workers. I would like to see New Castle County Executive, Chris Coons, take a pay cut for himself and lift up the pay for those that are called to protect and serve, so that the state of Delaware's violence and crime does not continue to climb on an up hill battle. I suggest that New Castle County Executive, Chris Coons, and our local and state politicians take a 5% pay cut in order to keep the citizens of the 1st. state of Delaware as safe as possible. So again, I must repeat that it is a mandate that we should all appear at the May 26 fiscal 2010 meeting and voice our opinions are the reasons that we can afford to allow these cuts in these areas to be done. Please contact Chris Coons' office and tell him no, to the cuts of our safety in Delaware. New Castle County Executive 87 Reads Way New Castle, DE 19720 Directions
Phone: (302)395-5101 Fax: (302)395-5268


sheyla.whittle said...

I whole heartedly agree that there need to be better solutions to the budget problems. I also believe that we need to pay attention to the increase in violence in our communities as well.

In Micheal Moore's documentary ¨Bowling for Columbine¨ he pointed out America has the highest murder rates of the nieghboring countries in respect to size, population, industrial structure and socio-economic classes. And we all had similar video games, music & movie types, so the argument that the former were a factor are then thrown out. But the one thing that was different was the amount of fear the media imposed on its citizens.

Whereas we are afraid of ILLNESS from food (dont eat the spinach, pecans or peanut butter) and people with the swine flu or H1N1 flu cause if I see a hispanic or someone who just got back from Mexico coughing I might be inclinced to call the Health Dept. and lock myself and my family inside and sterilize us all! We are afraid of unknown threats of VIOLENCE so we buy the bigger and better guns than the next guy to protect ourselves. We are afraid of the NEWS STORIES that remind us that there is atleast one person that gets murdered everyday. Which is not to say that it doesnt happen however if you had a friend telling you about all the activities of the community and all they spoke on were the killings and injuries then you asked them was that all? and they proceeded to quickly brush over the social gatherings, that ¨friend¨ should be listened to with a half open ear or more extremely cut off to find a more well versed friend.

I am sure that more solutions can be hashed out like higher business taxes and possibily a nominal residencial tax for apartment residences to attempt to equalize the financial tormoil.

In conclusion let me leave of with this question, If crime is so high as to warrant more police presence then why isn't that being done, because remember we are all in danger ?!

Anonymous said...

The County Executive has actually already taken a 7% pay cut this year and has never accepted a pay raise during his four years in office....

Queen Ifama said...

Perhaps then the other "execs" shoudl follow the County Executives lead and take a cut themselves instead of cutting the pay of the police officers. I bet there can be alot of money shaved from the higher ups.

Anonymous said...

Didn't all the senior managers at the county take 7% too? What about all the county employees who took a 5% cut? Let's just keep raising taxes double digits to pay our cops every year ok?

Anonymous said...

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