Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rep.Lynn Jenkins Wants a Great White Hope.=The Great White Dink .

Now watching video of Rep.Lynn Jenkins and hearing her remarks saying that there is a great white hope in the Republican party . Now if you know the history of "the Great white hope" you know the history about the great white hope, If you don't know let me give you a little lesson .
Jack Johnson was a great African American boxer who couldn't be beaten.Johnson was the fist African American Boxer to hold the world title he was the best fighter in his generation.
Yet In the era Johnson fought in racism and hatered toward blacks was the way of America.
But the great white hope reflects racism and segregation.Whites looked for any white person who could defeat Johnson to prove that whites are better then any negro.
That a brief history lesson.
But listening to her talk reminds me of the whites who always consider blacks as slaves and second class citizens.It reminds me of when blacks were lynched and killed.
So by this woman's comments deep down inside she doesn't want an African American as President man or woman. People say she might have not known what "The Great White Hope" really means and the effect it has on racism today.But I say bull crap I'm sure she know exactly what she was saying remind you Michael Steele is the GOP Leader but some white GOP members want even acknowledge as their leader. Now Rush Limbuagh who promotes racism seems to be the voice of the GOP Hmmm a man that promote Racism and hate against blacks and don't forget Rush even predicted Ted Kennedy's Death in march of this year .And so that tells you what type of people these Repub and Conservatives look up to ,They look up to bigots.

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