Friday, July 16, 2010

Jesse Jackson and the NAACP are accussed of playing the race card.
Have we as the Black race over used the race card? Can it now be stated that since the
United States has a Black President, that Black America has been paid for the injustices that have done against them for hundreds of years? Is it now time for the black race to issue a pass to the white Americans that enslaved and robbed us of land, families, knowledge of self and pride as to who we were and where we came from. Has the time come for Black America to now look at the White Race as a whole and say that I trust you with my life and my future along with the rearing of my cchildren and to say thank you for beating my ancestors into submission to accept a new way of life that you have now subjected our people to?

Have the Black Leaders gone to far in their assertion that black Americans are still being treated as an underclass people, or are they making something that is really out of nothing ,or does the media who like to have their ratings raised by news for the entertainment of the masses, a black man, being beaten by the police, or one that is laying in his own blood because he has been shot by a police officer who said that he thought that he had a gun to only discover that it was not and was a small thing as a cellphone or a wallet? Or if you are walking down the street and a crime happens and the description is that it was a black man, that any black will do that you catch on the street? And for the exception of the recent cases in New Orleans, these police officers are let off , because after all it was done in the line of duty and they felt that their lives were in danger.
Should the black race, erase from their minds the treatment of black men that were treated with syphilis and was not given the cure, so that they can be experiments to see what this disease would do to them in the future? And to see commericals all the time on the television of volunteering for experimental treatments for drugs? Then to think that we should be foolish enough to get up and run to do these experiments on our bodies as if Tuskegee never happened and could not happen again.
Having an acknowledge black president today does not cover the wrongs that were done to us as a people. We should not be told to forget it, it is the passed, that is the same thing that was done to the people of Africa when they were stolen from their land that they were forced to forget their homeland traditions and culture, to toil at this land that they could never hold the freedom that they worked so hard for.
No, where do we tell the Jewish people to for what Hitler and his regime did to them as a race, nor should we. In not telling the Jewish people not to forget nor neglect their history, we as Black Americans, should never be told to forget what has happened to us as a people and to not pass that knowledge on to our children.
So no, at this time I do not walk around hating white people as a whole, I don't agree with everything that a white person says or for that matter anyone says. But to think that all debts are clear and all memory is erased over what has been done and still being done, by white America to black Americans because of having President Obama in office, does not pay the debt for the hardships that have been taken away from us.
I still have to commend the NAACP and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when they do speak out even when it is for their own personal gain. No, we do not use the race card, the race card has been used against us and it is still being used against us on every standard on living in our lives.

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