Monday, July 12, 2010

Nebraska and Arizonia brings back Jim Crow Laws

If the Arizona Immigration law is passed on July 29, 2010, it will show today's youth a living history of the past Jim Crow era using racial profiling as it's tool. Take a look at the law that was passed in Fremont, Nebraska that was voted as an aimed to driving illegal immigrants out of town. The law, which bans hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants, passed a referendum of the town's 25,000 people 57% to 43%. Read more: In this country there has always been racial profiling, however Arizona and Nebraska's has made it an blunt in your face altitude, to dredge up the civil Rights era in a whole new way and against a different set of people. For those that are rejoicing over these new laws that are being put into place against the Mexicans, I suggest that you take a look at history at this country's beginning and see where it has placed this country today.
A group of people that lived in this on this land, that worked this land and raised their families discovered one day that they were on newly discovered land. This land was discovered when Columbus sailed into this new found land, he was authorized to take possession of any land that was not ran by Christian rulers, that were of the Catholic church, by order of the King and Queen of Spain. With this new found land there was a pesky problem that the Native Indians found themselves in, a difficult place, since they were not of the Catholic faith they were considered enemies of the Catholic church. Under Pope Nicholas as commended by King Alfonso that were ordered to be capture and that their belongs and land along were to be placed into slavery. This land that we know today as the Corporation of the United States of America had taken what they considered uncivilized people that were not Christians into a standard of religious doctrine of the Catholic church to a so called civilized people from the restructure to the non-restructure. In so doing so the Native Indians discovered that they would be one of the first on this land seizure, to have genocide used on them by blankets laced with small pox. The Native Indians did not subject Columbus and his crew to racial profiling, but such was done to them. Perhaps if they did they would not of had their land stolen from them. As if that is not bad enough then off to Africa for repeated subjection by the African people who were also non-catholics to be taken and brought here to build a nation off of forced labor with no pay! If this law prevails against illegal immigrants that are only coming home to what was once their own land, and to people who are legally born here on this stolen land, is this not now a law that is going to put all people of a different hues targets of this law, that could be mistaken as Mexican. Nebraska's law will target areas where illegal immigrants go to find work. How many people that have been released from prison are also going to these areas to find work to support their families? At this time there are 7 lawsuits against Arizona to block this law. Yes, we should know who is here in this land, one dares not to strive to make a living here without paying their due tax to the Corporation of the land. Perhaps that is the biggest problem with illegal immigrants being here, they are not paying into the corporation and are sending their money home to their families for them to survive until they can bring them here legally. If Arizona and Nebraska have these laws passed, which state will be next? If it spreads from state to state, then what group of people will they target next to be done away with? After each group of people of color are targeted, then will it turn to their own color, will the Europeans from Europe be the only ones left since they discovered this new found land under seizure for not being a Catholic land? Are Illegal Immigrants today doing what they have learned from the ORIGINAL GANGSTERS, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, take what you want, jobs, lands and homes and make it their own. They can always say that this is DISCOVERED LAND. In the words of Arsenio Hall "Things that make you go Hmm"


Queen Ifama said...

Peace Antoinette,
Great piece!! I was wondering though, would we be all up in arms if it were guaranteed that the ONLY target would be Mexican illegal immigrants? Because we understand that everything "trickles down" except wealth in this country, perhaps that is the reason for such alarm?

Perhaps we as African People know racial profiling only too well and WE know that this is only a methodology to legally profile based on this law that, IMHO will pass due to the prejudice and fear that comes from people who see jobs dwindling, but who wouldn't work on the jobs these "immigrants" take anyway, which is why they are available. And.....that the cost of pay remains at such a low scale that the people who were born and raised in this country find it an insult to accept such payment, which is why illegal immigration has been utilized for decades?

It still boils down to viable employment for the citizens of this country and salaries that would sustain families. This country is a capitalist country and when we look at capitalism we know that it is all about making money at the expense of others. It is much bigger than profiling, it's about the American businesses paying it's own "legal" citizens a livable wage for working for some of these corporations.

This is smoke and mirrors and yes, we should rise up against it. But when you have a majority of a state saying, "this is what we want", does the "federal" government have the right to stop them? Do states have rights over the right of human beings to seek work to sustain their families no matter where they come from? Are immigration laws valid? If not, why do we have them? Should everyone and anyone be allowed to come into a country to work in the economy which is set by the "big guys"?

I guess, I would like to know exactly what is the real issue here? I think it is about workers here being paid a decent wage and "illegals" being used to undermine that.

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Russ Lewis said...

There is one detail missing in your comparison of the despicable Jim Crow laws of the South to the current situation with immigration enforcement...and that is that the Jim Crow laws WERE USED AGAINST LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS! I am fully aware that not all illegal immigrants are here to do America harm or commit crimes. But there are those who are coming here with ill-intent, end up committing crimes, and potential terrorists as well. Under existing Federal Law, it is NOT discrimination for authorities to ask, IN THE COURSE OF LAWFUL CONTACT, to ask someone to provide identification. The Arizona and Nebraska statutes, as well as those under consideration in the other states, merely bolster the existing Federal law and do not
give local officials any more power than they already have! Antoinette, it took the efforts, and
lives, of many courageous people of strong moral character to rightfully bring about an end to the Jim Crow era. Congressman Emmanuel Celler, President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks are just some of the people who made it happen. To compare what they did
to what is happening today, in my humble opinion, is besmirching the memory of their heroic efforts.

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