Monday, March 30, 2009


There is a big concern in society today, or at least it should be and that is our young people. In neighborhoods across the country we have a major problem with the youth of today.
The young people of today are our leaders of tomorrow. What is instilled in them today, will mold the future. I see young people today that are lost, that do not know which way they are going. It is up to the adults, to guide them and not leave them to be guided by their peers who are also lost.
We (I), are (am) responsible for for each generation that comes after all of us. There was once a time when the community, the school and church or whatever religious organization that your family belonged to worked hand in hand with the rearing of young people, at that time we had the communal, the intellectual and the spiritual working together to create a whole person. We had a village that raised a child.
Today there is a large number of youths who have no roots, little to no foundation and no spiritual guidance. We have a system that dehumanizes and degrades, not only the adults but our future leaders, our young people.
I am grateful that I am not alone and that there are others who see these children not simply as some nebulous statistic, but as people with feelings, desires, hopes and dreams. I am grateful to see people who have a burning desire to help and assist our young people. People that understand that our misguided young people, who find themselves in the system are in most cases mere victims.
Victor Hugo, a great philosopher stated "Where there is darkness, sins will be committed, but he who is guilty is not only he who committed the crime, but he who created the darkness".
When we have failed, when society has failed, then we blame the victim. After all, that is the easiest thing to do, then finding solutions to help and guide the victim. We blame many for the fault of a few. We focus on the MOTHERS and forget the innocent children in these circumstances. There is a large blemish and condemnation on single-headed households as if this was a new phenomenon. We have always had single heads of households and children did not turn out the way they are today. In today's society it is hard to see who is in charge. We have cases where the children appear to be raising the parents, rather then the parents raising the children. We also have households where the parents were never raised by their parent(s), but by their own devices, which they are doing the same to their own children, due to this is what they know to do as a parent.
We make sure that our children our self-sufficient in dressing themselves, playing games and of course working the T.V. What we had failed to do is to teach them self-respect and values and to love themselves.
Children are not taught to RESPECT THEIR ELDERS.
When children are not taught to honor and respect their elders who came before them who paid the price and paved the way for them, How can we expect them not to be disciplinary problems in the future?
You cannot sow disrespect and expect to reap honor, this is done when children are not taught and are put down.
You cannot sow ignorance and expect to reap wisdom. We have to sow wisdom and respect into our young people to reap future leaders, who can grab hold of the next generation and lead and guide them.
We (I), should at this time, this day, this hour take a page from President Barrack Obama's play book that "CHANGE STARTS WITH ME".
We (I), have to be the change the we (I) want for our young people. We (I) have to be the village, that young people need. We (I) have to be the encourager, the nurturer that is needed with our young people today. We (I) have to be the one who monitors the T.V. watching and who cuts if off. We (I) have to the one who sows what is needed into our young people. We have to be the gardeners of their minds, we have to weed out the negative that is put into them and water the seeds of wisdom that we have place into them, so that they grow to be strong and fruitful.
I encourage everyone today to start sowing in young people's lives. Encourage them to follow their dreams. Direct them in the path that they should go. Show them love so that they can love themselves and others. Let each one teach and give respect to our your people, so they will have respect for themselves and others.
Keep in mind someone is always going to be there for the children. Someone is always go to be there to whisper in their ears, plant seeds in their minds. Someone is going to be their hero, someone who they idolize. Whose voice do you want them to hear? Who do you want their hero to be, who do you want them to idolize. The change starts with each one of us.
There is always to many negative reports regarding our young people. I am giving space here for positive reports for our young people, regardless of how big or small, whatever their accomplishment may be. Bookmark this blog and leave comments regarding the young people's accomplishments their hopes and dreams. Help the village to grow across the country. Leave your pearls of wisdom for the young people and for the older ones to direct the younger ones.
We can rebuild the village. The village has been left damaged and uncared for to long. This is our 911 of today, our village has been destroyed and it has left our young people damaged. WE HAVE TO REBUILD OUR VILLAGE NOW. THIS IS A NATIONAL 911 FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

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and you wonder why they say i'm off the hook. cause i demand respect.