Thursday, July 23, 2009

America's Black Eye

Sojourner Truth stated "The rich rob the poor and the poor rob each other." Today there is so much in the news, crime is climbing, black Americans are being tassered, children are being forced into Foster care and mothers are thrown into jail. At a time when the United States has a Black President and the first black U.S. Attorney General life for Black Americans is worse then it was prior to what it has previously been, in what we are now told is a post-racial society. For the poor, today are viewed as a people to be deprived for their own poverty. The elite and politicians reflect this in their public policies. In 1958 an economist announced that when unemployment rises, wages fall. The business in America push this policy so that as in 1958 the economist explains that when unemployment rises wages fall and businesses can now populate on paying cheaper wages, and it leaves the employee without job security. With the effects of unemployment and lower wages, Wall street panics and stocks tumble. When large amounts of people are unemployed it is considered good for businesses. But how can something that is bad for people be good for business? What has happened to the poor and black in the U.S.A, in a rise of police brutality against black Americans (men,women,and children) The threat has become overwhelming that black Americans are now in the way of a country that their blood and sweat was built upon. And with the massive incarceration of blacks, with the outlandish numbers of children who has been snatched out of the black family home and placed in foster care. Black America and especially poor black Americans are faced with a dilemma who do we look to ? Who is here to help us ? POOR AND BLACK AMERICA, NO ONE! There is no organization to come to save you. There is however many stumbling blocks ahead. So do we take it to the streets and protest and march, like it was done in the days of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how the French and Iranians do ? While we have a black president, who calls himself a mutt, and who sees black American only when it comes to echoing the same type of words to the black community that Bill Cosby did to the NAACP ? Do we run to organizations and leaders of the old, who throw us under the bus ? Or do we as the underprivileged and forgotten network together to up lift ourselves and empower ourselves by pulling our resources together ? Do we step out of our comfort zone and get involve to empower our own community? Do we look back at Tulsa, Ok. before it was destroyed in 1921 and use it as blue print to build communities that is productive for us and by us ? HOW DO WE GET TO THE CHANGE THAT WE WANT FOR US AND FOR OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN'S, CHILDREN ?


Jwriter4 said...

wow such a masterful post Ant! Keep up the great work! This is one of your best yet!

Ngon'e Aw said...

Antoinette, thanks for keeping me updated on your blogs. Your observations are right on target in my view. However, We must first solve the issue of our true identity, it has been said
" man cannot serve two masters"

There are organizations that have been around for over twenty years fighting for justice on behalf of African people in the diaspora. One is Uhuru, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, "WE" are the only ones who can or will save us.

watch video:

He has a clear word for those among the people who truly desire freedom and not just
acceptance (forced assimilation) into a society that has demonstrated it has no intention on sharing real power with African peoples in Africa nor inside of Amerikkka. The current talk about race is just a PR strategy.

The "Mut's" ratings have dropped tremendously, and we must be consciously aware of the attempt on TPTB's part to always frame and contain the dialoque on race, when they cannot ignore it altogether.

Other org's, are The Republic Of New Afrika, around since the 60's and the work of "Sillas Muhammad." of also there are Caucasian orgs working for reparations, "Cure", and ""
info available on the web.
Keep up the good work, it is an honor to have connected with you and the work you are doing.

Sista Ngon'e