Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In my pain and hurt and frustration I cry out against the injustices that are being done to the black community in a daily basis

Tonight I was made aware of another tasering while black in the good old United States of America. This time for a black deaf man taking to long in the bathroom. All of this tasering is getting out of hand. When has it become against the law to stay in the bathroom to long? When is this going to stop, what is it going to take to stop it. President Obama can come out and speak about the police in Cambridge Conn. acting stupidly when it comes to a Harvard professor Gates, being arrested for going into his own home. What is he going to say about this? The real issues in the black community that is hurting us is being swept under the carpet. How long must we endure this new type of lynching that is effecting the community? How long must we watch children being placed into foster care systems while the state is being given federal funding for this instead of trying to work with the families to help them bring their families into the state that they need to be in. How long is the black races issues going to be ignored while we have a Black President and a Black Attorney General? How long are we going to watch and cry while our neighborhoods are being flooded with drugs and crime rate is skyrocketing? How long are we going to be the ones that are the highest unemployed and underemployed? How long are we going to be the ones that are singled out in the criminal justice system with a high rate of black Americans being placed in jails across America. Do I sound angry, well I am. No, I do not know the people that are being tasered but isn't it time for black America to stand up and say no more. Isn't it time that we demand a real change in this country for us, not the change that President Obama made in his campaign speech. Yes, we are in need of health care in the United States, but we are also in need of a sane justice system. Are we in the days of what white America and President Obama like to call a post racial society. No we are far from it. Everyday, you can see on the cable net-works or even your local news where the injustice for the black communities are rising. At a time when we need to address the race issue in America, our president took the opportunity to address one of his Harvard friends issue of being charged with disorderly conduct by being rude to a police officer, which he was. The big question is when is President Obama going to address the bigger issue of the race issues and take the blinders that he is wearing off and see what is really going on in black America. Yes I know that he is not just the President of black America but of all America. but to quote Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Injustice anywhere is a sense to injustice everywhere" We are out fighting a war for people not to be held in oppression at least that is what they have told us since they could not find any weapons of mass destruction. What about fighting this war here in the states, where the oppressor is oppressing black America? What is it going to take for the United States of America, that is not united but divided on social, racial and economic levels to become united? When and what is it going to take for the people in power to say that black folks has had enough and that they have endured enough, actually to much. When does the insult on black folks stop, when is enough, enough? Yes, even the crimes that we put upon ourselves with Black on Black crime, when is enough, enough. Every where people complain about the use of drugs and the guns that are in the black communities, black folks are not going into these other countries and bring the drugs here, so who is bring them into the communities. We do not own any gun manufacturing companies, so how does illegal guns get into the neighborhoods? From the time that Africans were brought to this country, it appears that it has been set up for our destruction. We are like unwanted children, or throw away rubbage, just put us out of sight, by any means necessary, in the prisons or in the graves. When you hear the talk regarding Black folks, how often is it of our contributions to this country? Very seldom, what you hear is what is wrong with Black America. What is wrong is poor schools, low expections for our children, food that is tainted with all of the perservatives and anti-botics and steriods that are being fed into it. When is it all going to stop? When are we as a people, going to have the same opportunities and freedoms that are afforded to every other race except black. Yes, we have some black folks that have made it, into what seems to be an exclusive club, that only few are allowed even a peep into. When are the prisons going to be opened for black folks that committed no crime, or did the same crimes as other races, but have been there longer. When are we going to stop having so many people on death row and the evidence that is presented thrown out? I am tired, I am tired of the tasering that is done to my people and it is always justified in some way that it had to be done. A deaf man in the bathroom using it, and because he had an umberilla with him is just caused. It is not a just caused but a crime that is done to our people to often. The cases of tasering is outlandish, it is criminal and no one is willing to address it and to make the changes to say enough is enough and these laws need to be changed. When a black man can be shot for reaching in his pocket to get a cell phone and again it is justified. When an off-duty police officer can be shot and killed by another police officer it is justified. These are the things that President Obama needs to be addressing, these are the real issues that are on the table. But these are the issues that President Obama has a blind eye to and just says we live now in a post racial era. What is sad that because we do now have a Black president, America has come to that same conclusion. I challenge any non-black American to walk a week into the shoes of the average Black American and then tell me that we are in a post racial era. Tell me then that you will not feel that the tassering needs to be out lawed, and that if you are a male driving in a car with a group of friends breaking no laws, but you are stopped by the police and question, how do you have the same dignity as you see other races have. I know that it is not all police officers and we need the police officers to maintain order, but we also need them to have sensitivity and a better understanding of what it is to be Black in America.

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ngonea said...

Dear Antoinette, I am also
saddened to hear of this latest injustice and you are so correct that these kinds of actions are becoming a daily occurance all over the country. I am saddened because of your pain and frustration, I also feel the same pain and frustration. I must say this to you, I know it is a big shock and disappointment, but the answer to your question, When? is "never"

Obama is not your president, Obama represents the elite class, Obama was selected to close down America. America is being foreclosed, and we are being dis-sposed. WE are not citizens of this country, I know you have heard me say that many times and it is rejected by most, it just does not compute with many people, we have been mis-informed and lied to all our lives. We must stop hoping and start organizing our communites for survival. The saftey net services that so many have been made dependent on, are going away. We will have to come together for survival now.

There is a food shortage world wide, Ships have been coming into America empty for many months, The situation we are facing is not a regular business cycle, it is a Global Monetary breakdown crisis.

The Western financial system is collapsing. Many economist are saying by the end of Oct, the dollar will completely crash, These things historical happen in the fall. Please know that we will have to be strong now, If we do not face the true facts of what is happening, we will not have a chance to prepare and or survive.

I hope these perdictions are wrong, I know we have had this kind of news in the past like Y2K and it did not happen, According to many sources this is happening by design.



Please remain strong, we have much we must face.

Much Respect,