Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is the 4th of July really for Black and Poor Americans?

Happy Independence Day!
I ponder how can Black America and the poor really say that we have the freedom that has been granted to this country of the good old USA? No, I have no desire to live any where else. How can we rejoice, when we know that there is people that are living in the streets, when we see people losing their jobs on a massive scale? How can we rejoice, when we know that people are going to bed hungry, if they have a bed. How can we rejoice, when we see and read how blacks are being tassered and sometimes to death? How can we rejoice when we see the rise of black on black crime in our communities? How can we rise when we see black youth dying in the streets of America? How can we rejoice, when black America, has still not received even one brown Lincoln cent, from a President that says that Lincoln is someone that he admires, but we see 3 trillion dollars go out to Wall Street. How can we rejoice, when the schools are falling apart and children cannot get a loan to go into college. How can we rejoice, when we see all of the threats of wars and look at our sons and daughters and hope that we do not have a draft, where our children will be called to serve in the military even they wish to pursue other interests? How can we rejoice when we are seeing how California is saying they are bankrupt and we are wondering if my state will be next and no help is going to be issued to us for help in our state. How can we rejoice when we see the tent cities that are in California and who knows how many other states? How can we rejoice when we see that so many black and poor children in America are forced into foster care? How can we rejoice when our seniors are having to choose between the medicine that they need to food and rent? How can we rejoice when we still have political prisoners from the 1960's and 1970's in prison? How can we rejoice when we look at the injustices that are still carried out today? If we look at the Scott Sisters and April Griffin and Debbie Peagler and not to mention Eunice Nyakundi. How can we rejoice when even the raising of our children has been taken out of our hands? We are not able to discipline them, and I mean discipline, not beat them senseless, or when we have the say in our children's health if we want them to have certain medications or immunizations. What happened to parents being parents? How can we rejoice when we are not even sure if the food that we eat is safe, because it has so many chemicals in it? How can we rejoice when we see our country our America coming apart at the seams, the things that this country was founded on, has left us years ago and so it is a sad time in America. It is a time when we can see the Handwriting on the Wall as the scriptures say in the book of Daniel. It is a time when we have to pray for our president and those that are in authority over us. I rejoice that we now can say that America has a black President, and I pray that he will do well, because if he does not then the whole country fails and I nor do I believe that anyone in the United States wants that. I again would like to see our President become and do the things that he says that he was going to do when he was running for office of President. I would like to see the humanitarian Barack Obama that cared for the people and let go of this side that shows more love for Wall Street and big business. Remember when he said that the people on main street was who he was fighting for. I want to see him come out and fight for the people on main street. I long to rejoice to see the job market increase again, and people not losing their homes but buying homes. I want to rejoice when we see the needs met and acknowledge in the black communities around the world. I want to rejoice when the black communities and the poor can say that President Obama, made sure that he gave out of the 3 trillion dollars to Wall st. that he also took care of the people on main street.

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ngonea said...

Antoinette, your message is a heart felt plea for justice and
I'm wishing I could say I know we will get justice from the Corporate Federal U.S. Zone in the District Of Columbia, but in my heart I know the new CEO is just another lying politican. I do not say this with malice torwards him personally. I am just responding to the known facts based on the policies, staff and actions choosen that reflect neglect and treason in my view.
American is still a British colony as are, Canada and Mexico and the Crown, aka, British East India Company, yep! believe it or not the corporation that stole, sold, enslaved and murdered our Ancestors is still alive and doing the business of crimes against humanity and making trillions. Nothing changed, and yes it will take us to bring real change.By all means let us resist the "4th of you-Lie", fake celebration from this day forward until we get justice for those past, present and those yet unborn.

Much Respect,
Sista, Ngon'e