Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Attorney General Beau Biden goes after Pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley for sexual abuse for close to 100 children

Dr. Earl B. Bradley of Lewes is scheduled for a probable cause hearing in Sussex Superior Court today.

Dr. Earl B. Bradley of Lewes is scheduled for a probable cause hearing in Sussex Superior Court today.

This Delaware Doctor who is a Pediatrician has been accused of sexual abuse. What started last week with a allegation of a two year old girl being sexually abuse by her Pediatrician has now turned to what maybe close to a hundred or more over the past 11 years. Seven victims have been identified so far, but investigators are still sorting through a "mountain of evidence" seized from his office, said Alexis Slutsky, a deputy attorney general with the Child Predator Task Force. Lewes pediatrician Earl B. Bradley is now suspected of raping or molesting at least 16 patients, and more victims could be discovered in the widening investigation, according to court documents obtained Monday.

Bradley who was charged last week with sexually abusing nine girls who police state were from the ages of 3 months to 13 years old. One victim a year old child was interviewed after her mother reported that Bradley touched her genitals.

Forensic evaluation of seized video files and software has to date discovered 15 more unidentified victims," state police Detective Thomas Elliott wrote in a probable cause affidavit Friday seeking permission to conduct the second search of BayBees Pediatrics, the name of Bradley's practice."Due to the slow and meticulous process of computer forensics, [police believe] more victims will be discovered in the electronic files of Dr. Bradley and the patient records will help confirm the identity." Evidence seized during a search last week led them to investigate possible abuse dating back to 1998. The search resulted in the discovery of graphic video files showing Bradley molesting and raping children, according to court documents. A veteran computer forensic investigator said in court records that a series of video clips lasting almost 15 minutes and showing a 2-year-old were "one of the most violent and brutal attacks on a child of any age that he has seen captured on video." During the searches of the doctor's office, police found a small computer data storage device that contained videos of multiple forced sexual acts with child patients -- including intercourse, oral sex and fondling -- according to court records.The videos were made between Aug. 7 and Dec. 13, police wrote. Several videos are described as showing the doctor, wearing his blue scrubs, yelling orders at babies and toddlers, some of whom are crying or trying to run away. In one video, Bradley has a "violently enraged" expression on his face, police wrote.

He surrendered to detectives in Georgetown at 8:30 a.m. Friday on eight counts of first-degree rape where the victim is less than 16 years old, three counts of second-degree rape, 14 counts of sexual exploitation of a child by photo or film and endangering the welfare of a child -- all felonies.

Dr. Earl B. Bradley surrendered to police Friday on eight counts of first-degree rape, three counts of second-degree rape and other charges.

Dr. Earl B. Bradley surrendered to police Friday on eight counts of first-degree rape, three counts of second-degree rape and other charges. Bradley was returned to jail in lieu of $2.9 million cash bail. State police said he has been the focus of a yearlong criminal investigation stemming from numerous complaints of inappropriate touching of female patients. I find it ironic that these children have suffered all of this abuse and their parents were not in the room when their babies were being checked by their doctor. I advise any parents that they always stay in the room with their children when they are at the doctors.

With all of these babies and children being sexually abused, we have to ask is Delaware's Attorney General Biden, going to go after the justice that is needed to put this man away for life? Will these children be given retribution in a monetary sense that comes from this Doctor's account? One can only hope that will be the case.


Anonymous said...

Time to throw up.what a sicko

Anonymous said...

thanks for the news article. The sooner the panel convicts him and puts him in prison.

The safer the children will be. I would not want to wish him on any one as a doctor.

I am sure as there is a GOD. That Ed Bradley will get his just punishment.

IF only some of the parents had been more alert and watchful of their children.

O well no use crying over spilled milk.

ngonea said...

Thanks Antoinette for this post, what a horrible crime. What else can you say other than sicko indeed! Keep us informed...

Sheyla said...

I am so appauled at this case. This doctor is supposed to be intrusted with the physical welfare of our children who is in turn abusing it is insanly ironic.

I am a mother to a 4yr old son and have always been in the same room with him because my mom did it with me and its common sense! I am not blaming the mothers of these children however we need not trust strangers even when they wear a doctors coat!!!

Anonymous said...
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Apoint said...

Update March 24, 2010

Bradley enters not guilty plea

Paula Ryan, Sussex County’s chief prosecutor, said, “this is the next step in the process of bringing Earl Bradley to justice.”

The taxpayer-funded lawyers took over the case last week after private attorneys Gene Maurer and Paul Kania left, citing financial reasons.

Bradley, who ran Disney-themed BayBees Pediatrics on Coastal Highway just outside Lewes, is accused of raping or sexually abusing 102 girls and one boy over an 11-year stretch ending in December, when he was first arrested. Previous investigations into allegations of improper kissing in 2005 and inappropriate vaginal exams in 2008 did not lead to an arrest.

Bradley recorded video of attacks against all 103 children, the February grand jury indictment against him charged, adding that five children appeared to lose consciousness or stop breathing.

In court records, police who watched video seized from his office said Bradley forced girls as young as 3 months old to engage in intercourse and oral sex. In some recordings, police wrote, Bradley shouted commands at victims, and in one he had a "violently enraged" expression on his face.

Biden has said more charges are expected once investigators finish interviewing parents and patients whose attacks were not recorded.

Contact senior reporter
Cris Barrish at 324-2785 or

So even after Bradley has all this evidence on tape that he filmed, in his sick mind he feels that he has done no wrong. I hope A.G. Biden will continue to push for this man to get the justice that he deserves and for the families of all of these cases have the peace that they need.


Anonymous said...

This doctor has lost his natural born mind and he should be locked up forever He has no redeeming qualities what so ever LOSER Yeah

Apoint said...


While alleged pediatrician pedophile Earl B. Bradley’s behavior was investigated over a 15-year period, Beebe Medical Center, the Medical Society of Delaware, prosecutors and doctors who knew him violated a Delaware law requiring them to report physician misconduct to Delaware’s medical disciplinary board, Attorney General Beau Biden’s office concluded in a report made public today.

Download complete report by the Attorney General's Office (PDF file)

Bradley, who operated the Disney-themed BayBees Pediatrics near Lewes and in Milford, is now charged with raping or sexually abusing more than 103 children since 1998. He filmed most of the attacks, according to state police.

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