Friday, December 4, 2009

Tasers in the United States where do you stand?

In Delaware, I have found one fatal use of taser that resulted in death. Policeman cleared Wilmington Police Lt. William Browne did not violate police department policy or procedures when he shot and killed Derek Hale last year, according to the findings of the two internal investigations conducted by city offices.
According to the Delaware State Police in the DSP consulted with both the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) before deciding to adopt the Taser as a tool for law enforcement in Delaware. The Police also consulted with national experts in the law enforcement and medical fields. “We wanted to be sure that we identified and adopted the best practices for use of the Taser and that we implemented the most effective and appropriate training programs for our Troopers,” said Colonel Thomas F. Mac Liesh, Superintendent of the State Police. As of February 26, 2009 there has been 100 Delaware State Police Officers armed with tasers. The same is not the fate of many in other states around the United States.

In Texas a 72, year old Great grandmother is tasered.

In Ozark, Missouri a 16, year old was tasered 19 times was placed in icu with a broken back and broken heel. From the results of the tasered the 16 year old boy was not able to have surgery for 2 days due to his white blood cell count.

22-year old Saginaw Valley State University student Charles Littleton was tasered and dragged out on Nov 6, 2006 when he attended a Saginaw city council meeting. He was charged with felonies for wearing a hat after being tasered.
The results from a 14 year old girl being tasered with epliposy and is now unable to climb stairs and her balance is off.
If this is what a taser does to a bull, think about this what does it do to an human being?

15-year-old dies after being Tasered by police Warren Deputy Police Commissioner Jere Green says the teen was Tasered Friday while struggling with officers inside an abandoned Detroit house. He later was pronounced dead at a local hospital. & This is tasered in front of his wife for a traffic violation.

It does not just stop with the children, the elderly are also tasered. Virginia Dodson of Whitehall, Ohio can tell you she experienced the tasered at Walmart, her crime she could not find her car.

Gregory Williams, 40, a double-leg amputee, has experienced the taser What threat could this man possibly pose to anyone?

In Dayton, Ohio police taser 49 year old Denise Harris who is blind and suffering with cancer.

It has to have some effects on police officers. In New York Michael Pigott was an experienced NYPD lieutenant who committed suicide. His wife Susan Pigott says in her lawsuit that NYPD disciplinary action after the incident caused "extreme emotional anguish, humiliation, depression, fear and shame." The suit was filed to clear her husband's name, she said. It seeks no specific monetary claim.,2933,575148,00.html?loomia_ow=t0:s0:a16:g2:r4:c0.147339:b28861378:z10

What can I do and what can you do, we can join with: A Call For Congressional Hearings and sign the petition. black;">

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