Sunday, March 29, 2009

17 year old female is accused of running an Ecstasy ring in Dover, Delaware

A young female of 17, sold drugs while her mother was at work during the day out of their home. The young lady was arrested on Thursday, March 26, 2009 along with six other people. The 17 year old young lady was known as the main player in this drug ring, her home was under a three month undercover investigation. There was also 4 adults males arrested along with her 3 males ages 48, 27, 24 and a 15 year old boy. There was also 2 adult females also one 20 and the other 18 who has not yet been placed into police custody. This 17 year old female is being held in the Stevenhouse in Milford, Delaware, after failure to post a 98,500 dollar bail. When the investigation was completed by police they discovered 235 ecstasy pills, 6.6 grams of crack cocaine, a gram of marijuana and $2065 is suspected drug money. Now the question is who is to blame? Do we look at the mother and blame her for the actions of her 17 year old daughter? Do we think that perhaps this mother should of had a baby sitter for this young lady who will be considered an adult in a year, while she was at work? Do we place the blame on the mother for allowing a 48 year old man to be associated to closely with her teenage daughter and who was this man to the mother. Then we also have to ask did this mother know what was going on and allowed it to happen in her home? That is a question that we do not have an answer to. Where are the neighbors, that they were not seeing all of these adults going in and out of this home, while her mother worked, and why was this child not in school? How many people do we hold accountable for this act that has happened. The real question is who is keeping watch over our children, not only in Delaware but in the whole United States. When laws are made to take the raising of our children out of our hands and into the state's hands are we going to continue to see our children in the system? Do we blame the news, that shows that crime for CEO's of large corporations pay, and they get more money as bonus for a failed job, does this leave the impression to our children that they can also fail and be rewarded for their actions and not be held accountable? Has the government become public enemy number 1, to the raising and guiding of our children, as we strive to lead and direct them into the right path? What do you think, as we see children committing more crime, where do we go as parents to correct our children's actions without the threat of being placed in prison for disciplining our children so that we do not see the results that we are now seeing our youth in, not only here in Delaware, but everywhere.

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