Monday, March 9, 2009

President Barrack Obama lifts the ban on Stem cell Research

I must state my disgust of President Barrack Obama signing the lifting the Stem Cell Research ban. My conclusion is that if congress allows this to pass, what is going to happen to the United States of America that we know?
I am looking at the bigger picture, where perhaps President Barrack Obama is not seeing. I am looking at mothers who are pregnant and some elite person of influence sees something in their DNA that could benefit them and takes an unborn baby from the mother to experiment on. I am looking at women who become pregnant that will be afraid to go to the Doctor's have proper pre-natal care in fear that their unborn child is aborted without their consent. I am looking at women having babies at home instead of going into the hospitals to have their babies, because some one of a Political office or someone of elite status may have someone that is ill or on the brink of dying from an illness that feels that these cells can help cure them. I am wondering if we are going to become like China who has a limit on how many children a family can have, so that they can use embryos from someone that passed the limit on the limitations of children in a family.
It seems to me that now the Government is trying to play God, they are now deciding with the ban being lifted, who is allowed to die from a illness and who is the one that is used to save the person from the illness.
A life is not like the banks and the auto industry that we are saving through throwing more money out to bad instead of just allowing them to file bankruptcy and falling, hopefully they will be able to lift themselves up but if not it is not the responsibility of the country or the government to continue to take tax payer money to fund principles and ideologies that are not moral.
When a person gets struck with an illness which is a terrible thing, we should not use the life of the unborn to save the life of someone that is already here and struck with the illness. I agree that we need to support and fund illness and diseases that can be cures for these diseases, that is why we have Doctors and Scientist for. Perhaps if the government would go back to a herbal remedies instead of this mass market of drugs that are causing harm for everything that they are made to cure with the side effects that cause more problems, then we would not have such a climb in these illnesses that require taping into unborn stem cells.
I voted for Barrack Obama to be president, an I understand that we need to support our president and pray that he does not fail in this position that he holds, because if he fails then the country fails. I must also say that I now regret my vote, I feel that it was a wasted vote and one that in the next 4 years will not be given again.
For all the people that the stem cells will help, I am reminded that it is a murder of innocent life that a life is saved or made to be made more comfortable. I say to you and to all of the supporters of this ban being released on stem cell research that the blood of the innocent lives will be on your hands.
I hope and pray that congress will block this bill, and it stays where it belongs banned. As far as anyone in my state that supports it, when the next election comes they will not have my vote.
Today on CNN one of the reporters showed a clip on President Obama, dancing at Senator Kennedy's birthday party. He stated that we all know an uncle who is always dancing. I am sure that most people were able to pick up on the reference on who he is referring to.
So to that I say to you Mr. President stop dancing and smiling, and get to the real work at hand and that is the country that you are to govern and to do so in wisdom and not in role playing.

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AAPP said...

Wow! You seem to be just a bit pissed off with his decision.