Friday, March 6, 2009


What has happened to the black race? What has happened to the pride that we once had as a people that stood up for the people?
How did we become a race that is so lost and divide? Many would say the Willie Lynch letter, and others would say slavery.
I myself say it is a self hatred of being of the African American Race. When you the person of such hatred can down your own race and call everything that they do and say as wrong and place other races on a pedestal and speak of your hatred of the people that are the same as you are, something is wrong.
We have a crisis in Black America, we are so divide that we destroy each other. I'm not refering just to the youth that are killing each other. I'm speaking of the retirement age black adults. That would not only sit and speak against and down the black race, but would also sit with other races and listen to them talk about the race with racist adjectives and sit and laugh and agree with them. When corrected by other black adults, they are refered to as being an ingorant monkey and that white people can say whatever they would like to about no good lazy non-voting negroes. Keep in mind this is coming from a black man. One who is also going to entertain the head to the Klan. It is like a skit from Dave Chapelle, where he was a blind black man, who thought that he was white, not only did he think that he was white, he was also a klan member who wrote books for the klan. Today we have a black man that is blinded by choice not to see his own black skin, and to degrade his own race.
As with everyone esle we have to call out the ones that mean us harm. This one is Black Conservative on blog talk radio. He is a disgrace to the black race and one that will continue to tear it down instead of trying to life it up.
It is a good thing that Blog Talk radio, offers shows that uplifts the black community and enlightens and educates.
In conclusion, we must be all who strive to degrade our race to call them out and make them accountable for their actions.

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