Friday, February 27, 2009


Nigel Haskett, a 22 year old, worker at McDonald's seen a tragic event taking place at McDonalds, a man was beating on a woman in the Family fast food restaurant. Nigel Haskett, did the wise and responsible thing and interceded and stopped Perry Kennon. Who went outside and retrieved a gun from his car and shot Haskett, multiple times causing injuries. Haskett's medical bills exceed $300,000.
Kennon was arrested a few days after the shooting and charged with first-degree battery.
We have a hero in Nigel Haskett, who makes minimum wage, but felt the needed to protect a woman who was being battered at McDonald's family fast food restaurant.
You would think that McDonalds, would be grateful to this young man that put his own life on the line and intervene in this domestic violence that was going on right in their family restaurant.
No, McDonalds with it's golden arch, refused to pay his Workers Compensation Commission. Are you becoming horrified as I am. McDonalds stated that what 22 year old Nigel Haskett's injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment and that he should of just called 911.
My concern is that the female that was being assaulted in the family fast food restaurant where children are present and witnessing this act, how much of the assault should she had taken before police were able to be at McDonalds to intervene in this situation.
By denying Nigel Haskett's worker's compensation, McDonalds as demonstrated that they are not concerned about their patrons. Shame on you McDonalds for showing yourself as a family place and making Happy Meals for kids, but then failing to provide any care when a crime happens in your family restaurant where these children are eating Happy Meals.
McDonalds theme song, I'm loving it, has become my theme song also. McDonald's I'm loving eating at Burger king, Wendy's and other fast food restaurants. I'm loving boycotting all sponsors and distributors of McDonald's. I am loving my children and grandchild and family and friends not patronizing your family fast food restaurant. I am loving that you who has the Ronald McDonald house for families to stay close to the hospital, is denying this young man Nigel Haskett worker's compensation and that he should of just called 911. IN CONCLUSION, MCDONALDS, I AM LOVING BOYCOTTING YOU UNTIL YOU COMPENSATE 22 YEAR OLD, HERO NIGEL HASKETT FOR HIS HEROIC DEED, AND I ENCOURAGE ALL TO FOLLOW SUIT
I am grateful that Nigel Haskett, had the guts to stand up and intervene.
Watch footage of the assault here.

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