Monday, August 24, 2009

The Poor Elderly and Disable vs. Wall Street the color code for security level for Social security is code red.

Wall Street gets bails out vs. the Poor Elderly and disabled gets knocked down during the promise of change during the Obama administration. The bailouts for AIG and the banks and we can't forget the car industries get billions of dollars to go on luxury vacations that includes spas and not to mention a fat bonus check to boot and this is for not not doing a good job, by keeping their companies out of hot water.
We were given the warning that these companies had to have these bailouts, to save America. (to save Wall street) While saving Wall Street, the elderly and disabled received a whooping one time payment of $250.oo for S.S. and an increase in food stamps. Can the poor elderly and disabled expect the yearly cost of living raise in January 2010? No, they can forget about it.
AT the time when people are experiencing foreclosures, increasing unemployment, increase in people who are homeless, President Obama says buy a car.
Isn't is something that increase for Wall Street is billions, and increase for those that are poor is increasing in lack, what a oxymoron. For the people that depend on Social Security to live on they are told that regardless of how much money is paid out to Wall Street to keep them a float for Social Security you can manage to survive and if not there is no help or hope for you. The hands that are open wide for with an overflow of funds for Wallstreet, have become closed tight fist for the Elderly and disabled, except to snatch some of the money that you can't live enough on, to pay the rising cost of everyday necessity bills to pay for health care for yourself. There is a law that was put into place for those on Social Security that payments could never go down, but if you are not Wall Street there is always a loop hole to hurt the ones that need help the most. Wall Street gets bailed out, lifted up and the poor elderly and disabled, are knocked down. The old cliche' continues to prove true. THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER.
Wall Street gets bailed out, and the poor elderly and disabled are told to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, is like trying to put out a house on fire with a strainer. How do you pull yourself up by the bootstraps, if you do not own a pair of boots or better yet, if you do not have the legs to even put boots on? How can you save a burning house with water if what you have to work with has holes in it like a strainer? As you are running to carry water to put the fire out and save what you have, the water is running out before you get to the fire.
While President Barrack Obama said vote for change, for those of us that voted on that promise of change, we have been hit with a ton of bricks to see that the change is for Wall Street and not for those who really needs it, at least not the change to make life a little easier for us. It is just a closed fist that only becomes open to snatch back what you already don't have to spare. WE have been wondering where is the money coming from for the bail outs for Wall Street and we now see it is coming from the poor elderly and disabled, and who knows what other ways we will see that the poor are paying for these benefits for Wall Street.
This is the change that was promised by Obama, who forgot the ones that were sending money from their already strapped for cash, how to make the dollar go further then Wall Street will ever come to know, sent their few much needed few dollars for the hope of change. Which President Obama bragged about these funds from the Social Security checks, for a change that would make life easier.
How easy it has become to stomped down the dreams of our youth and to stomp on the poor elderly and disable that contributed their time and energy for the hope of change. The hand in 2008 that was reaching out to the people that were trying not to drown, has now found their selves having that hand snatched away and given a push to drown.

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ngonea said...

Thank you for posting this, I hope more people will speak out.

Watch "The Collapse Of Argentina"
And it will become clear, what is happening in U.S. is all plannned.

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