Monday, August 3, 2009

Rise of police officers shooting Black American Men by mistake

Michael Moore, may have posted the YouTube clip The Awful Truth as a joke or to really prove how deadly it can be for Black Americans to do anything in America. Michael Moore has brought to attention the following cases in Being Black in America. These are the cases that CNN did not bring to attention in Black in America.
  1. A black man was killed by police officers who mistaken his remote control for a gun in Detroit.
  2. A Black man was killed by police in Arkansas for holding a hair clip.
  3. In Chicago the police shot a black woman for holding a spatula.
  4. In New York, 4 police officers mistaken a black man with a wallet as a gun and shot and killed him with 41 bullets.
  5. A African American man in Florida was shot and killed because police mistaken his keys as a gun.
  6. A Federal Agent shot and killed an African American man for mistaken his candy bar for a gun.
Michael Moore also demonstrated a cellphone in a black man's hands that it will always look like a gun, but in a white man hand's it looks as exactly what it is a cellphone. Michael Moore shows on this, YouTube clip that African Americans need to have everything a safety color such as orange so that it will not be mistaken for a gun. Is this truly a post racial society? Have we truly overcome the issues of what a person's skin color is? Have we reached Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream. YOU TELL ME. There is cases that are just overwhelming of the injustices that are done to the black community on a daily basis, that does not always make it to mainstream media. If it did make it to mainstream media would it really make a difference? Yes, I agree that the police officers have a very dangerous job, and that they put their lives on the line everyday that they are out in the streets, and that they have families that love and care for them and hopes and dreams that they still are striving to achieve. Yes, their jobs are important. But let us also look at the African American community that is being killed or handicapped due to police violence on them. Do we not also have families that love and care for us and dreams that we are striving to achieve? Is our life, of no importance if not to the police officers to the people that love us that count on us? Has it truly become necessary to paint everything a bright orange that will come out of your pockets to ensure your safety against the police officers in the United States even if you are abiding the law?
Tell me please how post-racial are we in the United States of America. This story was in my local newspaper today.


ngonea said...

As always Antoinetts excellent info, thank you for providing us with this blog. People need to be informed and we must not only wake up now, but stand up as well.

Sists Ngon'e

Sheyla said...

I agree, yes we do need police officers* as long as we live in this society*. Police* protect* us from the gangs* & other organized crime*.

You may be wondering why my comment is riddled with astericks, well thats easy! We need to stop thinking things how we are told to think of them EVEN WHEN WE KNOW THEY DO NOT MAKE SENSE.
I'm going to do word replacement and reveal what I'm really saying here and may be you can d the same when you hear about another ¨police officer¨ that kills another Black person.

Policer Officer= Licensed Agent Of Racial Genocide

Society= The way in which the Infilstructure deems us to live. Cause really who makes the laws?

Protect= Control

Gangs and Organized Crime= A group of individuals who have utilized the loopholes placed in the system by the system for the profit of the system

So my brief paragraph would fill itself out to; Yes I Agree we Licenced Agents of Racial Genocide as along as we live in this Infilstructure wherein our laws are not ours, many are in control of our lives. The Agents of R.G. Control us whist providing Individuals with the loopholes neccesary to fund their deep pockets.

Or maybe I'm being to hard on 'em cause after all they did say it was an ¨accident¨. They are here to Protect and Serve, ¨P & S!¨...mmm...p&s? Yes the acromyn is better suited for the words ¨Piss & Sh*t¨. Because thats what they do to our rights and security to live! Pissing and Sh*tting al over them!

ngonea said...


I guess you see why I have been trying to warn the people, I know I must have seemed very radical, conspiracy theory type, chip on her shoulder, miltant, this is what
I have been trying to warn the people about.,

and they put Obama in office so the world will never believe it, Obama ain't shit!!!!

If you want to know more

sorry about the music

Yes, the are doing ethnic cleansing

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