Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Air Force One with the word N166ER on the tail of the plane.

What is going on in black America? In a time of tension, that is rising in our country, what is really going on here. Why is it Groups of teabaggers and other groups that are saying they are protecting their 2nd amendment rights, can come to a Health Care Reform town Hall meetings bearing arms with the president there? When no one could walk into a courtroom with a gun and say it is their constitutional right, where else could you go with a public forum that you would be able to bear arms, and it is almost an non and void issue. But what has become a major concern to me and is ca using me a great deal of stress is that we are seeing things going backwards into the 50's and 60's. Our President and his family is under attack, not by other countries, but by the very people that are in the United States. I myself am tired of seeing, hearing and reading about the threats that are made against our President and his family. Why is it becoming acceptable to have people degrade our President and his family on the basis of the color of his skin? Why is it become acceptable that he can become reduced to negative racial terminology that is not acceptable to any one of African American descent to be called a NIGGER, or pictured as a monkey or ape? To put more hurt to injury, we have the police officers that feel that they can spread their hatred against the president and from my point of view to the whole black race, that in Ohio officers are sending out an email with a picture of Air Force One with the word N166ER on the tail of the plane. Now keep in mind we have people that are going to town hall health reform meeting with the President of the United States who are carrying guns, out in the open.


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