Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Baltimore Black Man Tasered and Beaten to Death, While Police Shove Drug Down his Throat

In a Case of Hate Crimes Dion Snipes an African American Man was tasered and had drugs shoved down his throat by Baltimore P.D. . Snipes who was a suspect drug dealer taken to the University Of Maryland Medical Center after being placed in a medically induced induced coma.Police say he put the Drugs down his throat but we really know the truth the Baltimore PD murdered this black man by tasering him and shoving the bag of drugs down his throat while beating him to death . Video is at the Bottom In my own point of view, if this does not remind you of modern day lynching and a failure to see what is happening to the black community and wake up and see that we as a people are going to have to support one another. We cannot allow the injustices that were carried out in the sixties to be resurrected in 2009, especially since other races and cultures see that we now have a black man as president that is ignoring the issues that continue to haunt the black community. We have to do come up with solutions and quickly. Nina Simone is singing this song from the 60's and it still applies to us today.

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ngonea said...

Thank you Brother Dale D for your work in sharing this important information with us. I hope you are aware of what kind of evil beast we are dealing with.


I wrote you a long and in depth comment and pushed the wrong button, I do not have the strength to redo it, Thanks again for your work and courage to awaken our people.

Sista Ngon'e