Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd Amendment rights upheld at Town Hall Meetings

Who is really at stake here in the United States of America? With the
A WELL REGULATED MILITIA BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Where does this draw a line? It is understood the right to bear arms, but when the right to bear arms infringes upon the SAFETY OF OTHERS INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, something is wrong. Not only could this put our President in danger, it also puts the citizens in danger who chose not to come to an town hall meeting to discuss health care or whatever issue or just to bring their families to see the President of the United States. Does this now included any and every other office in this country, local and state meetings? When President Obama said in the Washington Post, that is is alright for these protesters to bear arms at these events, He can say this with the assurance that he has secret service, to protect is life, But what is to happen to the innocent spectators that are there, where is the protection for them especially when tempers are continuing to rise?
A man with an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle joins protesters outside an event in Phoenix where President Obama was discussing health-care reform.
A man with an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle joins protesters outside an event in Phoenix where President Obama was discussing health-care reform. (By Jack Kurtz -- Associated Press)
At this time of high racial uprising in this country against Black Americans due to having a Black man in the White house as president has caused a black lashed against black Americans. President Obama is not affected by the abuse that has been placed on black Americans, during this time. It was bad taste in wording for our President to describe himself as a Mutt, this says that he has no self-worth of himself. and how others look and feel that Black Race is to be treated and addressed also. Maybe President Obama, does not understand that a Mutt is something that has little or no value. It is not a dog that you feed the finest of food, it lays and waits for the scraps of his master's table to be scooped into a bowl to be thrown at him.
If President Obama had to describe himself as a dog, he should of described himself as a Pedigree, A dog that is looked upon with respect and demands the best of treatment with just his presence. Pedigree is usually noticed before his owner even comes forth and brings attention and respect. With this position and self-describing himself as a mutt, who demands not respect and receives no respect, he has now become opened to racist name calling, despite he wishes that we have achieved a post-racial society. Not only, is the President being openly called derogatory statements, it is being carried out in newspapers all over the United States. For the average person that lives in the united States, we are not only reading this but we are experiencing that and worse and on so many different levels. We feel the racial verbal disrespect, physical disrespect to our property and to our bodies from hate groups that are continuing to rise and are coming out to spread their hatred. We experience hatred from the ones that are called upon to protect and serve our Local police officers that carry these hateful practices, that have taken to tasers as their new lynching post, or placing the black community into the slave plantations the prison system.

North Canton Police Dispatcher Anita Malachowski is in hot water for forwarding a Photoshopped image of Air Force One with a tail number that read “N166ER”.

President Obama, when you are blinded by the slanderous and inflaming name calling tactics from the jim crow era and see that they are calling you niggers and other flaming words, by lay citizens and police officers and the military which you are higher in rank, think about what people of color are also getting, that is worse then words. We have went off track and have reverted back in time, we woke one morning no longer being in the 21st century but the 20th century back to the days of the 50's and 60's. We have second class housing, second class food, poor education and a lack of employment for our people. It is time for the nation to understand that the black communities under the leadership of President Barrack Obama is undertaking an horrific blow, and that black life is still under attack. Not only from ourselves, which we must get to our people for them to see and understand that we have to put the guns down against ourselves and protect our families and our communities. Before we see the Klan and other hate groups walking down or streets or going back to the days of the 50's and 60's and burning down our churches. With all of the news that is accessible, the mistreatment of Black Americans continue today on an alarming high rate. It is time for the president of the united States let people know that he has not done anything for the black race or the poor, that just like his pastor of 20 years Rev. Jeremiah Wright he has also turned his back on us, the voters that helped place him in the office that he holds. When given opportunities to discuss with the World Courts about slavery, he ran away from that along with the CBC. Yes, the Senate gave an apology for slavery, that was a weak one. I want action behind the apology. For an apology to be strong for me and for me to see where President Obama is also representing the black community also, he and the senate needs to present the truth in the history books regarding black America. President Obama, stop taking credit for being something that you are not the first black president. John Hanson was the first president and then their were 5 or more others that were also that passed for white, including the one that is idolized by the President of the United States. Show what President Lincoln's true attentions were for slaves it was not to free slaves, but to destroy slaves. Perhaps because he hated the skin that he was in, while looking at his own black mother. Place in the history books and teach our youth and all youth that black people were able to have prospering communities such as was in Tulsa, Ok., and that jealous by the hands of non-blacks, that burned it down. Let it be taught for all to know that this was a town that everything that was needed and wanted was in this community and the black dollar circulated in it 10xs before it went out the community. Use 1921 as a teaching tool in the schools that blacks were not the people that survived off of crumbs of the master's tables but were the envy of Tulsa in 1921. President Obama has to demand the respect that he rightly deserves as a sitting President that is standing high and strong with shoulders erect. He must stop as a sitting President who smiles at the racial uprising that is going on in this country as if it does not exist. He must address the ones that are seeking to continue to oppress the people of the United States and demand a stop to the foolishness that is occurring before we the people of the United States wake up or in sleep find ourselves in a blood bath of a racial blood bath.

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