Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From California to Philadelphia, leave our daughters alone

On the west coast in California a 15 year old girl is gang raped outside her high school dance. Where she was beaten and raped for over two and a half hours in an unconscious state, and over a dozen people watched. She was flew to the hospital.
I am relieved to hear that some of them were caught, I can only hope and pray that the rest of them will also be caught. As for the people that witness this horrible act they also should receive the same punishment for failure to not to even make a phone call to 911 to help this young girl. In the Germantown Area of Philadelphia, there is a sick man walking as a serial groper targeting young teenage girls. The suspect description was similar to seven similar assaults in the area as far back as June 2008. In all of the previous incidents, the suspect groped female teenagers, ranging in age from 14 to 17, as he jogged past them.
The subject has been described as a black male, about 40 to 50 years old, over 6' tall, dark complexion and medium build, sometimes with a beard and wearing jogging clothing. In one case, police said the suspect had a noticeable limp as he was jogging.
As parents, what are we to do? Do any of these men, have women in their lives that they respect and give honor to? How would they feel if this was their family member or friends? As a society what are we to do? What are the schools and local officials going to do, not just in these states but in every state? Do we need to have more police officers around school functions at bus stops and walking routes to schools. In the budgets should not funding be in place for the protection of these girls and boys? Do we not need a Rev. Jesse Jackson to have a representative of himself in every state as he stood up when it came to the senseless beating and killings in the streets of Chicago where the children are going to and from school. NO, I a not saying that the Rev. Jackson, should take and do a personal representation in every state, I am saying that in the states it's self, a person of that standing should stand up for the children's protection. Who is the watcher over the children.


Anonymous said...

Jessie Jackson,or the police I think not. Black Men and even Woman standing up in there streets is most effective. Too many have let the likes of R. Kelly dance on stage as his music speaks of the seduction that he performs on young Black Females.
Time to clean up Our acts and Our streets.

ngonea said...
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ngonea said...

Greetings Antoinette,

This society is sick and falling apart. But what do we expect, after all, look at the history of how it started. Rape is certainly not a new development in America.
Don't get me wrong, I am not minimializing what happened to the young girl, it is horrible to say the least.

Now with porn on the TV, blood and guts on the rest of the channels, magazines in grocery stores and drug stores openly display women as sex objects. And many women protraying themselves as sex objects for a buck.
MTV Gangsta Rap culture,

What do we axpect the outcome will be, Really?

AAPP said...

You raise many very important questions in your post. These acts deserve a gun in the mouths of those that did it. With a pulling of the trigger. Is just may be time for vigilante justice in black and Latino America.