Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is George Rogers of Upper Darby mentally unstable or is he really the 'Last Samurai Warrior?

While on the phone with the police dispatch of Upper Darby, PA, George Rogers called 911 on Sunday morning and stated that he had just doused the rowhouse apartment that he shares with his mother with gasoline. George Rogers threatened to torch their home and kill himself with a crossbow. Police found Rogers in a room in the back of the apartment on Dayton Road, Cheswold, Upper Darby.
Officer Dan Lanni of the special-reaction team had armed himself with a bat shield, (an oversized Kevlar shield shaped like a bat) and pushed threw the door that Roger, had barricaded himself in.
Officer Lanni, was attacked by Rogers, by a sword that was so forceful that its blade was bent in the assault. The shield that Officer Lanni had on had protected him from the downward blows, had the sword gotten past the shield it would had been sturdy enough to put in his heart and to of ripped it out. While Rogers was attacking Officer Lanni, Lt. Mike Kehrle, the commanding officer on the scene used a stun gun on Rogers which caused him to fall to the ground.

"We dubbed George Rogers the 'Last Samurai' because he's not going to be swinging any more knives or swords trying to kill cops anymore," Chitwood said.

Police did not find any accelerants, like the gasoline Rogers claimed to have poured over the apartment, but they did find an arsenal of weaponry in his bedroom, including nunchucks, a crossbow, a hunting bow, a large sword and several throwing knives.

Rogers was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons offenses. He is being held at Delaware County Prison in lieu of $75,000 bail.

"He obviously thought he was a real samurai," Chitwood said.

Rogers, who has several arrests on lesser charges in his criminal background, is covered in tattoos, including one on his neck that reads: "Only God can judge."

"He has more tattoos than grass on a lawn," Chitwood said. At this time one has to wonder about Rogers mental state, I am sure that he is going to need mental help. What could of caused Rogers to go to this measure of manifesting his mental state to police officers, by calling 911 and giving a false report and then to attack these police officers. What could of led to this state one only has to wonder.

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