Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WTF, Brasskey keepsakes has a black baby doll called Monkey

I am sick and tired of the racist people that are walking the planet. In the news papers on the T.V. and from different news commentaries I hear little racial slurs. Now to top all insults Brasskey keysakes has made a doll called lil' monkey which is a black doll, and the doll comes with a monkey laying beside her and a hat that says lil monkey and a banana. The box says lil monkey has a book and a bottle and they the monkey and the baby wear the same pampers. After all the accomplishments that Black Americans have contribute to this country, we are still slapped in the face with this racist bigotry, why because it appears that this group of society feel that black people will never be seen in their small minded bigoted view as people. It is time once again for President Obama, to see that we are not living in a post-racial society, that the bigots are coming out in full force once again to show their level of hatred towards black Americans. As for the stores that are or had these dolls on their shelves, such as Costco and Target and any other stores that carries these dolls.
These companies and all of those who wish to continue to demonstrate their racist ways, will not get my black dollar for anything. Should not these companies be charge with a hate crime? I feel that they should and right away. What is this going to breed when you have these racist parents who buy these dolls for their kids and they bring them to school and it causes problems in the schools against the children who see that they are being seen as monkeys? How far is this going to travel and how much trouble is this going to cause? These racist bigots fail to see that there is some monkeys that are more intelligent then their racist's butts are. Yet they continue to say that we cry racism at all times. I would like to thank

Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock's Page for exposing these racist retailers who are now out to think that I or any person of African descent would buy anything from them. Please read her page to get more information.

There is also a doll made from Heavenly Handuls called daddy's little monkey.


Queen Ifama said...

Peace Antoinette,
Thanks for posting this. I had addressed this "Lil Monkey" thing a while back. However, I will say that it is stretching it to say that the other Daddy's Lil Monkey is racist, unless everytime YOU see a monkey YOU identify that with Black people because there is no way that this relates to Black people at all, unless YOU do it. And if other folks are making the correlation who really gives a damn if they do, there is nothing one can do about what is in the minds and hearts of other folks. However, the other one with the name Monkey on a Black image of a baby is openly racist and offensive and is proof and this is what I protest, not perceptions others may have, it's only when they exibit their perceptions or actually SAY something that I feel I have the right to stand up and shout HELL NAW. Thanks for keeping a top eye open and reporting. Queen Ifama

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