Monday, October 12, 2009

The phone companies of the United States are the arm of the Government

Are you aware that now the phone companies of the United States are the arm of the Government the US Justice Department argued in a recent court case. The records that the government has seized in illegal wiretapping under the Bush Administration is considered legal. According the The Raw Story the In a lawsuit over the Bush administration's decision to give immunity to telecom companies over its warrantless wiretapping program, the Justice Department argued that it doesn't have to publicly reveal what it discussed with the phone companies because those discussions were "inter-agency communications," explains Ryan Singel. It appears the Bush's administration is sticking around like a demon still out to torment the people of the United States with it's law in 2008, granting reotroactive immunity to phone companies that participated in the warrantless wiretapping program. On September 24, a US District Court judge sided with the EFF and ordered the government to "release more records about the lobbying campaign to provide immunity to the telecommunications giants that participated in the NSA's warrantless surveillance program," the EFF stated. The US District Court judge sided with the EFF (privacy watchdog group Electronic Frontier Foundation) that ordered the government to relelase more records to provide the immunity to telecommunications giants that participated in NSA's warrantless surveillance program on September 24, which the government appealed the 30 day stay of the Judge's order. Dispite the order being denied the judge has delayed any further decisions on the case for another week. As a country that is free that is what it is defined as, are we really free? Have we become a country where everyone is a suspected criminal? Are with a people who after paying a phone bill, now turns to the government and asks it to now spy on us on our dime? Has it become so important now, to know every detail of what is said between family and friends and yes, sometimes foes over the phone lines?
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Are we still a free nation, or have we under Bush's Regime, that is still carried out under the change that President Obama made in his campaign speechs a nation of change? Where is the change and where is the freedom.


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Antoinette, another great post
thanks...America has been taken over by Corporations.

It is said the best way to keep a people enslaved is to teach them they are "free" Some may not like the source of the info, below imho, it's the content that's important.

Structure of the Birth

Certificate. Did the State Pledge Your Body to a Bank? ... Birth and marriage certificates are a form of securities called "warehouse receipts, The subject of every Birth Certificate is a CHILD....

It seems we are truly living in the "Matrix" into which we were born....