Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time to stop the no snitching, and change it to I have to tell it.

Eric Holden has stated when it comes to the United States that we have become a nation of cowards. I'm going to agree with that statement and place it in the following manners.
When we see the injustices that are done by others to each other, to hurt and destroy their soul, we are cowards, we will not speak out. When we see someone being beaten to death, we will not intervene nor call for help for that person, we close our eyes to it. When we see a young girl become gang raped and beaten, we become specters as is we are watching a movie with a terrible scene that is not real, only pretend. When we see people being robbed, we walk by and pretend not to notice and only hope that we ourselves do not fall prey to the same fate that has become cast upon that person, we are cowards. We witness and see things that may not be of such a violent scale but yet we see injustices all around us, and never beat an eye, we don't get involved, we don't pick up the phone to call for help for people, we just walk away. What has happened to us, have we become so desensitized that we cannot feel another person's pain? Do we view everything as if it were a movie and afterwards we can just turn it off and feel bad for a moment, but continue to pretend that it was not real, it was just actors on a screen or movie reel that was placed there for our entertainment? Why is it that we can see when injustices are made against people by people of authority and be quick to call them out and to tell that story, but not tell the story of what a person has endured by someone on the street or in their own home. Where is the outrage at then? We see the outrage when it comes to our own families that these violent acts are done against and then we are quick to shout and ask for help from anyone that has seen these things being done, often we find that we will receive what we have done and just be silent, so in turn we receive silence.
Have we become so programed that we can see people suffering and yet do nothing to help, even in small things, feed someone that is hungry? Lord, we hardly even speak to people on the streets and to ask the time of day is almost like asking for that person to give you their life savings. Have we ourselves become a victim to a society that can just view suffering and become so afraid that we almost don't go outside of our homes? Is it the video games, or t.v., music that has taken over our compassion for each other. Have we become immune to injustices and can carry out our day as if nothing is unusual because after all it did not happen to me? Are we walking around in a trance, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Perhaps we are walking around and thinking that we are still asleep and that what we saw was just a bad dream, because after all, we could not possibly be around these things, because that always happens somewhere else or to someone else, but never to my neck of the woods.
So therefore if we have convince ourselves that it is not real, then it just becomes entertainment and not something that demands action to try to correct it. This is just my take on what is going on in the world today, especially after the Richmond High School Gang rape with the 15 year old girl. I just wonder what is it going to take, for people to drop the no snitching law of the streets, and start the snitching law of love thy neighbor? It is time to for us to deprogram ourselves, cut the T.V. off, cut off the video games and change the music and rap videos that has done such damage to our minds. It is time to do things as a family so that we can restore family values and pride in ourselves and our children, so they we not become victims or the criminal behind the horrific acts that is always present for us to see, that is real and unreal.

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ngonea said...

Sister Antoinette, thank you for this post, what you have presented here is truth, We have become isolated from our humanity and this society breeds these conditons, such as dog eat dog,

I got mine.

In my humble view, I do think we will have to change, but also we must change more than our attitudes, we must rise up and demand social justice, becuase when you examine how this society is set up, you begin to realize the horrors we see going on around us are a consequence of this

The Documentaires of "Joan Veon" on youtube and google video are a very good source of information to see just how we are destroyed by this blood sucking way of life by those at the top of the food chain.

Thanks again for a very good post!