Thursday, February 12, 2009

14 yr.old. Shugniqua Nance was missing in Wilmington, Delaware. With only a city and county alert.

Shugniqua Nance, has been found on Wednesday. Which is good news. My question is why was there only alert in the city of Wilmington, Delaware and not only threw the state of Delaware, but was why was there not an national Amber alert for this 14 year old child.

Why is the state of Delaware and the other states across the United States so slow and quiet when it comes to bring things to light when it happens to black children . I am grateful, that Shugniqua was found in good health, and I hope that all of the minority Shugniquas across America as well as any missing child is found in good health. I would just like for all children when they are missing to be brought to the full light in America.

Is it neccessary for it to be partialism when it comes to missing children? Isn't it odd that to live in the same state as this child, that I had to read about it in the newspaper to find out that she had been missing and found.

It is time for Black America to stand up and take action, in protecting our children. We have to demand that our goverment officials are doing everything that they can to protect our children, if they go missing, we want not just local alerts. WE WANT STATE AND NATIONAL ALERTS.

It is time for our local and state and national officals take note that they are working for we the people and not just some people. But all of the people of the United States and we are tired of our children being overlooked in areas of their wellbeing. I for one am tired of it, and I hope that you are also.

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The system is wacked. Check out this article: