Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I thought that I voted for Barack Obama

I thought that I voted for Barack Obama, but it seems as if something has happened to the Barack Obama that I voted for and the one that is President Barack Obama.
The Barack Obama that I voted for had confidence in his own abilities. He wrote his own speeches, and gave you speeches as an great Orator with a vision of hope and change. No, not as a Messiah, as people had referred to him being, but as a man of compassion that saw the needs that were needed in the communities across the United States. Barack Obama, was the one that inspired you to know that I will work with you and help to make the changes that are needed to get you to your goals. President Obama, must of left that man and his passions back in Chicago. Barack Obama was a community organizer from the streets of Chicago. President Obama, has now become an elite corporate man, caring for the needs of corporations, instead of the needs of the people that he once stood with in organizing communities. That passionate man he must of also left in Chicago. Barack Obama knew the right people to have in his inner circle and who to leave behind. President Obama seems to not know that character or strength and appears to have allowed others to make those core decisions for him. Has Barack Obama become the vice-president instead of the President of the United States. Has he turned that position and responsibilities over to Vice President Joseph Biden. Do we really know who is running this country is it Barack or Joe? As a state senator Joe Biden, was excellent. As a Delawarean he was a wonderful neighbor one whose neighborhood extended all 3 counties in this state. President Obama has kept a wonderful and beautiful family life, that shines for all to see. This is something that as a black woman and mother, I am proud to see. I would like Barack Obama to show President Barack Obama the family man of America, that shows his love for his extended family as the voters of Barack Obama has shown to him.

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AAPP said...

You are so on point. Your right your comments remind me of a great article in The Harvard Crimson by Dr. Jonathan David Farley who writes about the new black politics, when he said: Admittedly, Obama represents a new type of African-American politician: He is not a minister, he did not march with Dr. King, he has no line item in his budget for pregnant mistresses and keeps food—not cash—in his refrigerator. Brotherman is no Uncle Sambo. He is not an embarrassment in that sense.

Yet he is an embarrassment in another sense. At least the misleaders and pied pipers who came out of the bowels of the civil-rights movement paid lip service to the idea of uplifting the race. Obama and the new generation of black policy-makers, such as Newark, New Jersey, mayor Cory Booker, self-professed drug-dealer-cum-Harvard-professor Roland Fryer, and former Tennessee congressman Harold Ford, Jr., pay scant allegiance to the past or feel little obligation to their fellow blacks as blacks.

Unlike black conservatives, such as Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, whom the African-American community mostly derides, the new black politician does not usually declare openly that he is against the issues blacks support. He just never declares that he is for those issues. For instance, the issue of reparations for slavery is avoided. At one presidential debate, white congressman Dennis Kucinich said he was for it, while Obama dodged the question.

Blacks make the false assumption that, because the new black politicians have somewhat dark skin, they in fact share the same goals and do not need to say so. When pressed a year after the aforementioned debate, Obama admitted he was against reparations for slavery. He can support giving $700 billion to corporate crooks and incompetents, but he cannot support reparations for slavery. Obviously, he knew he would still get 99 percent of the black vote.

African-Americans are like dogs at the park: If you fake throwing a Frisbee, they run away looking for the Frisbee you didn't throw. When the dog comes back, you do it again—and the dog falls for it again, drooling. Blacks who swoon over Obama are akin to the blacks who dance to the song "Sweet Home Alabama." They clearly haven't listened to the words...

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