Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President Obama reached back and brought to the White House Barack Obama

Yesterday and today I was very proud of my President Barack Obama. Mr. President Obama, went back and grabbed a hold of Barack Obama. President Obama, please don't forget your stick, carry it always with you.
Today while President Obama was in Fort Myers, Florida. I saw more of the Barack Obama that inspired me to go and vote for him. There was so much of the caring and love for the community that had inspired me to vote for him. Yesterday and today I saw the compassion and the the strength of Barack Obama that has manifested into President Obama. In the fight for his stimulus's package and going back to the roots of the people that voted him into office , President Obama showed the strength and character that we have seen in him over the campaign into his presidency. I was impressed that he admitted that if he does not do a good job that the people would not be happy with him, and we will be looking at another president. What truly moved me to tears was when a homeless woman Henrietta Hughes, told President Obama, her plight in America that she and her family was homeless and that you can only stay on park benches for so long and finding a place to lay your head at night to sleep and that you need a place with a kitchen to take care of your family. Her story is not like so many other families in these united states that are homeless that are in need of a home, the only difference in her story is that she talked to the top man in the United States, President Barack Obama, who told this lady that after the town hall meeting that he was going to have her meet with his staff. Of course I was not given privy as to what happened from this meeting but i can only imagine that the Barack from Chiago stepped up to offer her some help.
I was proud when President Obama, talked with the college worker who worked for McDonald's and offered him encouragement and not degrade him for his job at a fast food restaurant as to how this stimulus bill would help him.
I was very happy and proud to see that President Obama found Barack Obama and brought him back to join forces with him in the white house. It is nice to hear our President speak instead of the speech writers of Washington.
As I have stated above the housing need is needed with people losing their jobs and the banking crisis that we are now in. I hope that vice president Joe Biden is keeping watch over his home state here in Delaware and reading the papers and seeing that the homeless rate is climbing in Delaware also. http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20090210/NEWS/902100330/-1/NLETTER01?source=nletter-news
As a mother I know the importance of having a stable home environment to produce healthy children, that can thrive and come into their own abilities and creativity.
I am happy that Education is still on the stimulus package and that President Obama said that this is not only to do a paint job, but that for schools that have not had updated state of the are science labs that they will have them. I hope that this package would also include that the teachers that are teaching these children that are having problems in learning that teachers will be taught that these children need to be taught a different way and not by medicating them.
Again Mr. President, I would like to thank you, that you are showing your character again.


Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to have a president who cares and is willing to help his common man, good work on your blog, it was informative and it talks about the issues that are close to many a mothers heart.

AAPP said...

Hmmm.. Barack is back! Let's wait and see. Candidly, I'm not so sure that he ever left. Great post.