Monday, February 16, 2009

Do you know what time it is?
I have been pondering that question for a while now. We are living in an era where children are picking up guns, instead of using their fist. No, I am not saying that kids should be out fighting, but if they have to fight, they use their fist. What has happened to children that they no longer can bear embarrassment. What happen to you lose a fight but you were still alive. How did we go from an era where we as kids were taught not to run with scissors and hold knives face down and walk with them so that we would not get our eyes knocked out? How did we come to an era where we as the children that were taught not to run with scissors, become the parents that now fear our children having guns or being shot by guns.
The communities that we live in, or not the communities of our youth, when everyone was running in the house when the street lights came on. It seems now kids run out when the street lights come on.
It is time for parents to see what time it is and become parents. What happened to the time when parents were really parents? What happen to the times when we were taught that you did not shame your family or yourself? What happened that the value system that was taught to us that we failed to pass it on to our children? What happened to the mistakes that we all made in our youth that we strive to really make sure that our children do not make those same mistakes.
My heart is truly carrying a heavy burden for the youth of today and for the families of these youth. As I look at my own children and grandchild, I become concern after I talk to them or they leave out, how safe are they. How safe is any of our children today? We now have today so many outside forces that are out to drag our children into a corrupt world. What is sadder is that some children are safer outside of the home instead of being in the home. We have parents that are not parents anymore, they have now become more concerned with all of the material things that they can obtain instead of the greatest gift that they have and that is the gift of life that has been entrusted to them by God. Some children do not have to look at the television set to see drugs being used and sold, they can see it right in their own homes.
When it comes to losing a generation, it is time for us parents and grandparents to say I KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. IT IS TIME FOR ME TO GO AND REACH OUT AND GRAB HOLD OF THE KIDS AND GUIDE THEM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. IT IS TIME TO GO BACK TO OUR FORMER DAYS WHEN WE WERE THE YOUTH AND REMEMBER THE THINGS THAT WE WERE TAUGHT. And we are not to stop there, we are to pass them along to our children. We have to go back to our foundations. We must bring back family unity, so that it can go out to our communities and into the schools. We have to take the government out of the rearing our children and take the responsibility of raising them ourselves. In the areas where we fall short we need to go to the older ones and gleam the wisdom from them to help us along.
We are now at a time when our children have computers and cell phones, and we don't know what they are doing or saying on them. They go into their rooms and shut the doors and with all of the material things that are designed for our convenience is our destruction and the destruction of our children. We appease ourselves by these modern conveniences and I am also guilty of these things also. We tell ourselves that kids need these cell phones so that if they are in danger they can get in contact with us at all times. They need the computers to look up information for school assignments. These are all good reasons for them to have them. But for everything that can be used for positive there is always the negative side of everything. Children have cell phones so now they get their calls on their cell phones and no longer on the house phone, so we do not always know who they are talking to and what they are talking about. The computer a useful instrument that is used to educate them, but the education that they are getting from it is not always the education that we want. Some of the things that they find on the computers would educate us in things that we could never imagine.
Of course from our children we hear the same words that we echoed to our parents, or thought and did not say for fear of being back handed for being disrespectful by back talking. I still have to ask the question does ANY ONE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?
I feel that as parents and grandparents, we have to go back to our roots, the roots that we were raised on to bring our children into the right state of mind, I believe that in doing so, we would also be saving ourselves.

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