Friday, February 6, 2009

Is anyone listening, is anyone paying attention? Can you hear what is crying out from the land, what is being whispered in the winds, although at times the wind is a silent wind, but the cry is still there. Do you hear the cry of the mothers and the hollering of the fathers, see the lost look of hopelessness in communities across America. We see the results, teddy bears, crosses and flowers. What is happening to your children, they dying and being maimed on the streets and schools across the United States. In the 70's Marvin Gaye, wrote 2 songs that i would like to make reference to; What's going on, and Save the Children. If Marvin Gaye was alive today, I could hear him shouting those songs with tears and with an inner burden deep in his heart as it was in the 70's. My question to you today. Is how many more children and young adults need to die and be maimed, before we as the overseers of these children stand up? If they are our children or a neighbor's child, we are going to have to stand up for the ones that cannot stand for themselves. When are we going to take the responsibility for these children. I think that it is written in plain and clear English even for a child to see, that there is no organizations that are going to save them, that is truly looking out for them, without placing a price tag on what should be a show of love and guidance of our children into a corpate matter that needs debates and checks and balances while more our gun down in the streets and in their homes. The Leaders of this country is not paying attention to the youth except to place them in detention centers, to prepare them for the jails. We have to, we must go back to it takes a village to raise a child, and the village is not in our small community, not with just our race or someone who shares our views, votes how I vote or you vote. We have to look beyond all of that. And take a serious look at the innocence that our children are losing on a daily basis. It is time to look past who is the father of whose child and how many children they have, they work or they don't. All of these are things that are causing us to lose our children in these communities in America. I ask you who is going to stand up for these children? Today, I challenge you to stand up for them. When you walk past a child give them a smile, offer them some encouragement, yes, even the ones standing on the corners and selling drugs. Reach out to the youth, not to stand in judgement of them but to reach out in love to them. Perhaps your words could save that young person's life today, or prevent them from taking a life. Reach out do you see a mother young or old, that is struggling, offer her some help, take out of your need and make her a pot of soup or fix her family a meal. Do you have clothes that are in good condition? Give them to these family, do you have anything else that you can give, give it. If you walk pass someone homeless do you have money in your pocket, give some to that person. Keep in mind that person is a somebody also, it could be one of your love ones. Do you have family members that have children in foster care, Stand up, take responsibility and fight to get them out and raise them, until that family member can get themselves together to raise their own child. Make time for your own children, get involved. Make sure that your children's schools not only know your name they know you by face. Contact your children's teachers on a regular basis, and tell them you want reports on what your children are doing, if they have a problem in an area, lets see what we can do to correct this matter. Take the time to take care of yourself, so that you can be around to take care of your children. Teach them that yes, we are in hard times right now, but we all have to cut corners, cut the t.v. off and allow it for a couple hours doing the week. Spend more time doing family things together, read a book as a family, play games. Do talent contests in your family. Go on walks together, explore within your means the things that nature has given us for free. Yes, it is going to take time from ourselves, but if we show our kids the support that they need and desire, we could be preventing us from having to bury them. Again in the words of Marvin Gaye, save the children. Demand that the children are saved. In papers and cases that are so numerous our children are going through rough times. In Pennsylvania a 13 teenage girl riding her bike on the sidewalk, was handcuffed and beaten. Her crime riding a bike on the sidewalk. She was truly a danger to society to the police officer that felt the need to beat this child. In Chicago, a 10 year old asks his teacher to go to the bathroom, he never returned to that classroom for the rest of the day. Why, he was discovered that evening in the bathroom hung to death. No one not the teacher bother to check where this elementary child had not return to class and I also find it strange that through the course of the day, no one else went to use that bathroom that we are told. In Delaware, there was a 16 month old baby beaten to death by the mother's boyfriend after she left out of the motel room that they were living at. In the high schools and all levels of schools including colleges, we have shootings and kids being killed. We are losing to much young life for it to continue without an outcry from the people of America. We have to demand that the children are saved, and that the mother's are not crying as Marvin Gaye says it is to many mothers crying and to many brothers dying. Listen to Blog Talk Radio, hear what is happening across these United States. Hear what you will not hear on your local news stations and cable news. I recommend the following: Get on your phones, call your senators, governors, mayors and school officials and let them know that they are not working for the good of our children. It is a time for a change to keep our children safe, if a change is not done and we continue to have our children dying then we will vote them out of office and fight for school officals who will stand for our children .

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