Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the past year or more, i kept hearing change. When I voted, I voted for change. Change is exactly what I got and the rest of America has gotten. America has it's first admitted African American President, President Barack Obama. Which for most people it is a wonderful thing. For the people that are against our president being an African American it is a terrible time. It is also a time when they not only feel angier at this time but feel free to exerise practices against all African Americans and to place their dislike for our President in a very popular newspaper that is read across America, the New York Post. With a cartoon caption of a monkey being shot by police officers and that he will not be writing the next stimilus package. We have police officers across these United States that are killing black men at an alarming rate. The prisions are so over crowded that they are even cutting down on the food that is served to the inmates. The prison guards are beating the inmates because they complained about the treatment that they had to endure doing the night of the inuagration of President Barack Obama. We still have not gotten to a place where black american children's lives is held in a high regard. When african american children are missing there is no Amber Alert, only a local alert. In african american communties some of these schools do not have text books.

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